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Olympic Update: Fifth in the WORLD!

Margot concluded her Olympic racing with a 5th place finish in the Women’s Quad event.  She, like most world class athletes, was disappointed returning without a medal but I am sooo proud of my former Buckeye teammate.  It is an amazing accomplishment to have made it to the Olympics and to the grand finals of her event.  It is a true honor to represent your country in the Olympic Games.  Very few individuals get that opportunity.  Hundreds and thousands and maybe millions of athletes strive to reach that goal in their lifetime and only the very best of the best make it.  I know, without hearing the details yet, that she raced her guts out and left everything she had on the water in Bejing.  Congratulations Margot on representing the USA and racing your heart out. 





A true athlete

A true athlete

To read more about Margot and her family’s experience in Bejing go to



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Greener Future Fridays: THE DIRTY DOZEN +

A few weeks ago I went to my first “Holistic Moms Network” meeting.  According to their website  , “The Holistic Moms Network (HMN) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit support and resource organization connecting parents who are interested in holistic health and green living.  HMN was founded in 2003 by a handful of moms yearning for the support and friendship of others parenting outside the mainstream.  Today – thanks to the ever-increasing popularity of alternative medicine and a growing environmental consciousness.  HMN has over 120 chapters across the U.S. and Canada….” 


The topic for this meeting was “Ingredients in personal care products:  What you need to know”.   I found it to be very interesting and helpful information.  I especially liked the discussion on the Dirty Dozen


Location:  These are 12 ingredients to avoid that are commonly found in personal care products such as soaps, lotions, make-up, hair products, nail polish, deodorants and more.


Health Concerns:  These products cause health problems ranging from dry skin to damaged DNA, permanent birth defects, and cancer, just to name a few!


THE DIRTY DOZEN +:  (in alphabetical order)


1.      Coal Tar

2.      Cocamide DEA/Lauramide DEA

3.      Diazolidinyl Urea

4.      Fromaldehyde

5.      Parabens (methyl, ethyl, propyl, and butyl)

6.      Petrolatum

7.      Phthalates

8.      Propylene Glycol

9.      Sodium Laureth/Sodium Laurel Sulfate

10.  Talc

11.  Toluene

12.  Triethanolamine


+ Butyl Acetate, Butylated Hydroxytoluene, Ethyl Acetate


You can read more about the specifics of what type of products contain each of these dangerous chemical and what risks each of them pose here  .  I also encourage other moms to go to the website and look up your local Holistic Moms Network chapter and check it out!  This was the first meeting I was able to make it to and I really learned a lot!  Here are some past topics just to give you an idea what the organization is about:  Healthy School Lunch Programs, Make Your Own Green Cleaner, Organic Gardening, Introduction to Homeopathy, and Holistic Dentistry.   

I hope this was helpful (sorry It’s a day late),

Dr. Heather

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My Pregancy Experience: 1 Month

Jack is now 6.5 months old and I would love to share and document the experience from my first pregnancy with others.  I think the FIRST pregnancy is an exciting, intriguing, and wondrous time in a women’s life.  Each day is a new experience and leaves you on the edge of your seat wondering what the next day will bring.  I learned a lot during my 9 months and I look forward to sharing my story with you.  I will do a posting for each month over the next few weeks/months.  

Month 1: We’re Pregnant!! 

In early May 2007 we saw the double pink lines!  We were living in Daytona Beach, FL going to Chiropractic College at the time.  When Greg and I were married on New Year’s Eve, 2005 we said we didn’t want to have kids for 5 years.  We wanted to enjoy just being a married couple.  Obviously our minds changed.  I got the baby bug!  All the sudden I started noticing every pregnant belly and every bald baby walking on the street, in stores, at the beach, on TV, etc.  I became very curious and intrigued about pregnancy and babies everywhere.  I could not get them out of my head.  I watched the shows “Runway Moms” and “House of Babies” about the Miami Maternity Center every day on our lunch break.  Soo, I tried to convince Greg we needed a baby!  He was turned off by the idea at first.  He was thinking more logically, we had no money, we were students, we didn’t even pay for our own health insurance, how could we take care of a baby… and I was thinking with my instinct – my body and heart and they were screaming baby!  Well it didn’t take long to get Greg on board and thinking like me too!  We knew if we got pregnant, by the time the baby arrived we would be graduated, living back in Ohio, closer to our family, and hopefully we would be working chiropractors!

So we stopped practicing our natural family planning methods and decided if we got pregnant great, if not then it wasn’t meant to be at this time in our lives.  Well, the first month it was meant to be!  I purchased pregnancy tests kept checking for pink lines, even though I knew it was a bit early in the month to see pink, but I’m more curious than a cat.  The logical part of me didn’t want to see them but then I was secretly disappointed each time I didn’t.  But Finally after I was a few days late, there they were, the infamous pink lines!  I ran to tell Greg, we were both half asleep at the time and our reactions were…..

Greg: Really, we’re going to have a baby?  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Me: Oh My Gosh I’m pregnant….?????? What do I do now???!!!!!!!!!

It took me a long time before it really sunk in that we were having a baby, a real, live, cute, adorable, tiny, peeing, pooping, spitting, drooling, loving baby.  I was really thrilled deep down, but scared too.  Now we had a lot of questions and decisions to make and they were all swirling around in my head at once… OB or Midwife, or both, hospital, birthing center, home birth, vaccinations, circumcision, cribs, NAMES!, colors, gear, breastfeeding, bottles…. so many things to think about.  I will start sifting through some of these in my month 2 posting, so stay tuned in!  I hope you enjoyed the beginning of my Journey to Jack!

Dr. Heather

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Vacation Photos

I have been wanting to post some photos to document my trip to my grandma’s cottage in Traverse City, MI with Jack, Doris, and Lindsay.  Enjoy!

Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes Senic Drive

Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes Senic Drive

2 Cute girls climbing the dunes

2 Cute girls climbing the dunes



Doris & Lindsay

Doris & Lindsay

Jack likes the Lake!

Jack likes the Lake!

Playin in the Sand

Playin in the Sand

Doris' 1st boat ride, 1st fishing trip & 1st catch, a Waleye!


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Monday for Moms: Not All Germs Are Bad

Are you a germ-a-Phoebe?  Try thinking about germs in a new light!  Not all germs are bad.  In fact germs can actually help strengthen the immune system.  I believe exposure to a variety of germs is good for people of all ages, including infants (with the exception of immune-compromised individuals).  It’s amazing to me how paranoid and scared our society is today of germs!  I see hand sanitizer dispensers everywhere I go and  Anti-bacterial EVERYTHING in stores.  There are many women out there who wouldn’t think of leaving their house without Purell in their purse!  What ever happened to the days of running around outside, playing in the mud and getting dirty!  A little dirt won’t harm.  And when it was time to get cleaned up it was with some old fashioned soap and water.  There wasn’t anti-bacterial hand soap, anti-bacterial body wash, anti-bacterial lotion, anti-bacterial spray, etc.  When I was a child, and when my parents were children it was different.  Kids got dirty and that was ok.  My teachers didn’t have hand sanitizer in every classroom.  But is all of this over-cleanliness and fear of germs getting us anywhere?  Are kids healthier now than 10, 20, 30 years ago?  The answer is No!  Kids are more sickly now than ever.   My mom and mother-in-law both work in schools and both tell me all the time about how many kids  who carry inhaler’s to school or have to leave the classroom daily to take their medicine.  Is our current germ-a-phobic, over cleanliness obsession getting us anywhere? 

So why is it that kids are so sick?  I think it is because of several reasons, but today the focus is germs, or lack there of!  I believe germs are good as long as you are healthy.  If you are a healthy person your body will fight off most germs it comes in contact with and as a result your immune system will toughen up each time. 

Also, think about this…When a room full of healthy children are exposed to one coughing, sneezing, sniffling classmate, does the entire room get sick?  No, usually just a few may catch the cold.  Why is that?  When a  health child with a robust immune system is exposed to a germ they are able to fight it off with ease.  However when a child with a weak, fragile, overly-protected immune system is exposed it can’t handle the germ and the the child will become sick. Check out this great article on Building a Strong and Healthy Immune System.

I am not the mom who washes every toy after it touches the ground.  I don’t wash my hands before each time I pick up my baby.  I don’t worry when he touches the floor then puts his hands in his mouth and he doesn’t have a bath every single day.  I think my lack of obsessive cleanliness contributes to the health of my son.  While he is only 6.5 months, he has yet to catch a cold and I hope this streak continues for years to come!

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Sweet Potatoes for Sweet Baby

Yummy organic homemade sweet potatoes were Jack’s 3rd solid which he started three days ago. He seemed to really like the taste but didn’t want to finish off his cube.  He didn’t spit them out as much as he did bananas.  They were very easy to make.  I just boiled one sweet potato and then removed the skin and put it through my baby food mill.  One potato made about 16-1oz cubes, so that will last for a while!  I still think avocado has been his favorite so far.  Below is some of the healthy nutrients found in sweet potatoes:  I found this information from a very informative site which also has many great recipe’s!

Vitamin A – 24,877 mg
Vitamin C – 28.0 mg
Pantothenic Acid – .74 mg
Niacin – .69 mg
Folate – 26.2 mcg
Contains some other vitamins in small amounts.

Potassium – 273 mg
Phosphorus – 29.5 mg
Magnesium – 13.5 mg
Calcium – 6.2 mg
Sodium – 11.0 mg
Iron – .55 mg
Selenium – .5 mg
Manganese – .6 mg
Zinc – .3 mg
Also contains small amount of copper

Thanks for reading! ~Dr. Heather

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Greener Future Fridays: Eco Shopper

One easy way to do your part for the environment is to be an eco shopper and bring your own re-usable bag! Plastic bags are taking up a lot of space at landfills and negatively affecting the environment including marine life in coastal cities.  I read that ONLY 1% of all plastic shopping bags are recycled!  I really enjoy bring my reusable bags to the store.  Cities across the country are now starting to pass legislature to ban plastic shopping bags because of their harmful effects on the environment.  San Francisco is one of those cities.  Maryland is also making strides toward banning plastic bags.  I feel like I’m setting a good example for others and feel good about myself when I’m done shopping knowing that I saved a few plastic bags from being used. 

 I have purchased 3 large reusable bags to start with and so far it has been great!  I occasionally still need one or 2 plastic bags for items that don’t fit but I reuse those bags for trash cans or scooping cat litter!  I bought my bags at the Farmer’s Market in New Albany, Oh from QB’s Bags & Stuff.  I chose 2 of their pre made patterns, one says “Go Green Ohio” and the other says ” All the Songs of the Earth are Like Music “.  They kindly offered to make my third bag with my Company logo and name “Ohio Family & Sports Chiropractic”.  You can also find reusable bags for sale for a small fee at most grocery stores.  Do your part Shop Smart    ~Dr. Heather


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