How it all began…

I would like to get you caught on how it all began.  My journey began in 1980.  I grew up in what I would call a very health conscious family.  My parents taught my sisters and I that it is important to eat healthy and exercise. 

If you dug through the pantry or the fridge/freezer in our home you wouldn’t find many unhealthy foods except ice cream. But that brings the question, what exactly is considered healthy. If you asked me in high school I was positive that I knew exactly what healthy was. it was exercising regularly, eating all fat-free, sugar-free foods… pretzels, diet coke, diet Pepsi, fat-free yogurt, fat-free cookies, fat-free chips… fat-free, fat-free, fat-free!!!

I now know I had a very misconstrued perception of the word health. Health is much more than eating right and exercising… and fat-free, sugar-free, and diet foods are not necessarily healthy, more often they are very un-healthy! I hope I can shed some light for you on this blog about what health is and how to achieve it. After years of undergraduate studies and Chiropractic College, reading and searching, I feel I have a much better hold on what is healthy. I know the definition will continue to evolve as new information on health is constantly being uncovered. I look forward to the journey!

~Dr. Heather

P.S. Spelling is not my forte so I apologize now for any future errors 🙂


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