Escape to the Lake

Jack and I just returned from 5 days at the lake with my mother-in-law Doris and sister-in-law Lindsay, while Greg held down the fort at the office.  Between my grandparents and other family members we have 4 cottages on Lake Leelanau in the northwestern corner of the lower peninsula of Michigan.  The lake is nestled between majestic Lake Michigan and picturesque East and West Grand Traverse Bay.  There are 3 rustic cottages all in a row and aunt Gail’s just a 1/4 mile down the beach, each not without standard amenities of running water, bathroom facilities, shower, kitchen, television and phone.  They are each filled with a hodgepodge of furniture donated by family members, old photos and fishing decor.  It is halfway between the small fishing town of Lealand and tourist packed Traverse City, home of the National Cherry Festival.  Greg, Jack, and I drove up to the cabin over July 4th weekend but it just wasn’t long enough for me during this crazy, stressful time in our lives.  I was ecstatic when Greg suggested I should go back with Jack later in the summer.  I felt a little guilty leaving him at home with the office and all the stresses at home with a new business but he reassured me that it would give him time to take care of some business and he recognized how mentally tired I have been lately.  I’m very grateful that Doris and Lindsay made the 7hr trip with me.  I could not have done 7hrs in the car with a 6mo old by myself, and I always Love showing off my favorite get-away to others! 

Our trip was filled with relaxation and fun and a daily dose of the Olympics! 

Sunday– we made the 7hr drive and arrived in the early afternoon.  Jack did great in the car, he slept most of the drive, had some avocado, spent some time playing with his grandma and had a just little fussiness which  was  unavoidable.  We hit up Meijer for some groceries then back to the cabin to cook some dinner over the camp fire!

Monday– We all slept in after our long drive.  The cottage is the best place to sleep in!  The nights get pretty cool.  I was nestled under many layers of blankets.  The soothing sounds of the gentle waves on the sand just 15 yards from the cottage door and the crackling of the slowly dying campfire could lull anyone to sleep.  Jack tried mashed banana today for the first time.  He seemed to like the sweet taste.  We started our day by going into Suttons Bay, a near by town to pick up a few items we forgot at the grocery.  Once in town we couldn’t resist visiting a few of the local tourist shops and making a stop at the local ice cream shop which was severely over priced!  I took Doris and Lindsay for their first view of the largest moving sand dunes in the world – The Sleeping Bear Dunes.  We followed a scenic drive then parked to make the climb.  Jack enjoyed digging in the sand at the base of the dune.  We headed home to catch the evening Olympic show.

Tuesday– We opted for a more low-key day, once again not able to resist the temptation of sleeping in, followed by a day of lounging on the beach, swimming, searching for Petoskey rocks (exclusive to MI) and watching the Olympics!

Wednesday(My Birthday)- Another morning of sleeping in – which, when I say sleeping in now with a 6mo old it is different than my definition pre-baby!  Jack still wakes early, around 5 or 6am, but after a feeding and short awake time he wonderfully cuddled back to sleep with me!  We then went into Fishtown Lealand to check out the local shops and for lunch at The Cove where I worked as a waitress one summer.  While in town we got fishing licenses and I took Doris and Lindsay for their first fishing trips.  Doris went first while Aunt Lindsay watched Jack.  We didn’t have any hits.  After a while when went back and Lindsay came out on the lake with me.  We tried out a different fishing spot.  I had a little luck with one walleye keeper and one that got off the line before I could get it in the boat.  After it became dark we journeyed back to the cottage with a strikeout for Lindsay.  We stoked up another campfire and had some smores!  Doris is really becoming a master at starting a good campfire!

Thursday– a jam-packed day – Doris and I hit the fishing hole early and had a so-so trip.  I got 3 on the line, only one in the boat that Doris reeled in and 2 others that got away with my dad’s lures!  Later that day my cousin Kyle and his friend took us for a boat ride on their ski boat.  That thing could fly!  They gave me a trip around the lake on the tube which I’m still sore from!  Doris and I then took Jack swimming again.  He had so much fun in his little yellow tube!  He was out there for at least a half hour kicking and laughing in the water.  It was a great time.  Another new adventure was ahead for us.  We walked down to aunt Gail’s cottage and she and cousin Ashley were gracious enough to share their sea doo with us.  Gail rocked Jack on the swing while Ashley helped Doris, Lindsay and I take turns on the sea doo which was a blast!  We wound down Thursday with the Olympics of course!

Friday– We cleaned up the cottage and said good bye to the lake water… until next year.  Its hard to imagine by then Jack will be digging in the sand and running into the lake all by himself.  At noon we headed home to see daddy who we missed very much!  Jack again was a trooper in the car, doing a fabulous job!  I love that little guy soooo much! 

Thanks daddy for letting us escape to the lake!


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