Margot Row For Gold!

Margot (left)

Margot (left)

My amazing former Ohio State University Women’s Rowing teammate, Margot Shumway will be rowing for gold tomorrow, Sunday (at 4:30am Eastern time) for the USA in the Women’s Quad event at the Olympics.  I haven’t mentioned yet but I spent 4 years in undergraduate school at The Ohio State University on the Varsity Women’s Rowing team.  It was an amazing experience where I met some amazing women including Margot.  I am honored to have rowed with her during her first year in the sport in 2001 in the Varsity 4 event.  We then spent a summer in Wisconsin together at the US Development camp and the following year in we both rowed in the 2V8 (second varsity eight) event.  Margot has grown so much in the sport and is an incredibly amazing athlete.  I cannot put to word how proud and ecstatic I am about Margot in the Olympics.  I am just soooo excited and pumped for her, I can hardly contain myself as I write, knowing she’s just hours for her race.  Go Get’em Margot!!! Go USA!

You can follow Margot’s journey in Beijing by visiting her mom, Julia Shumway’s blog or by going to


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