Greener Future Fridays: Eco Shopper

One easy way to do your part for the environment is to be an eco shopper and bring your own re-usable bag! Plastic bags are taking up a lot of space at landfills and negatively affecting the environment including marine life in coastal cities.  I read that ONLY 1% of all plastic shopping bags are recycled!  I really enjoy bring my reusable bags to the store.  Cities across the country are now starting to pass legislature to ban plastic shopping bags because of their harmful effects on the environment.  San Francisco is one of those cities.  Maryland is also making strides toward banning plastic bags.  I feel like I’m setting a good example for others and feel good about myself when I’m done shopping knowing that I saved a few plastic bags from being used. 

 I have purchased 3 large reusable bags to start with and so far it has been great!  I occasionally still need one or 2 plastic bags for items that don’t fit but I reuse those bags for trash cans or scooping cat litter!  I bought my bags at the Farmer’s Market in New Albany, Oh from QB’s Bags & Stuff.  I chose 2 of their pre made patterns, one says “Go Green Ohio” and the other says ” All the Songs of the Earth are Like Music “.  They kindly offered to make my third bag with my Company logo and name “Ohio Family & Sports Chiropractic”.  You can also find reusable bags for sale for a small fee at most grocery stores.  Do your part Shop Smart    ~Dr. Heather



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  1. 1

    Great post! San Fransisco is leading the way in the plastic bag ban with more cities to follow. Keep up the great work!

  2. 2

    Erin Lang said,

    Reusable bags rock!
    Instead of buying them new, an even greener solution is to visit the thirft store. There are TONS of canvas totes floating around there. Or make your own using leftover pieces of heavy fabric. I made some pretty awesome grocery bags out of an old canvas shower curtain!
    Keep up the good blogging.

  3. 3

    momgoinggreen said,

    Those are awesome ideas Erin!

  4. 4

    Scott James said,

    Sports balls are going green, too!

    Are new eco-friendly sports balls that are certified both Fair Trade and FSC.

    -Scott James
    Fair Trade Sports

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