Sweet Potatoes for Sweet Baby

Yummy organic homemade sweet potatoes were Jack’s 3rd solid which he started three days ago. He seemed to really like the taste but didn’t want to finish off his cube.  He didn’t spit them out as much as he did bananas.  They were very easy to make.  I just boiled one sweet potato and then removed the skin and put it through my baby food mill.  One potato made about 16-1oz cubes, so that will last for a while!  I still think avocado has been his favorite so far.  Below is some of the healthy nutrients found in sweet potatoes:  I found this information from www.wholesomebabyfood.com a very informative site which also has many great recipe’s!

Vitamin A – 24,877 mg
Vitamin C – 28.0 mg
Pantothenic Acid – .74 mg
Niacin – .69 mg
Folate – 26.2 mcg
Contains some other vitamins in small amounts.

Potassium – 273 mg
Phosphorus – 29.5 mg
Magnesium – 13.5 mg
Calcium – 6.2 mg
Sodium – 11.0 mg
Iron – .55 mg
Selenium – .5 mg
Manganese – .6 mg
Zinc – .3 mg
Also contains small amount of copper

Thanks for reading! ~Dr. Heather


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