Monday for Moms: Breastfeeding Challenges

Breastfeeding is the most natural feeding method for your baby but not always the easiest.  I would like to share the first challenge I encountered with Jack and how we got through it.   Within the first hour or two of birth, after several attempts, Jack started to get the hang of latching on.  However, by Jack’s second or third day of life we started to have a problem with nursing.  Jack would only feed on one side.  I couldn’t figure out why every time I tried to feed him on the right, he was so restless.  He would latch on then push off and latch on and push off and cry over and over again.  Then I would switch to the let and he would nurse without incident.  So my husband pulled out our pediatric textbooks from Chiropractic College and started flipping through looking for breastfeeding problems.  Sure enough he stumbled upon something!  And I was very glad because with Jack only nursing on the left, it didn’t take long before I started having problems with engorgement (which I can discuss in a future post).  What my husband found, is something we both suspected.  Birth is a traumatic process and a baby’s neck can easily be jostled while being squeezed, pushed, and pulled through the birth canal and out.  Dr. Greg read that a misalignment of the first cervical vertebra in the neck can cause discomfort for a baby and interfere with breastfeeding.  So while I held Jack in my lap, Dr. Daddy examined his neck, using several chiropractic maneuvers and moving it through different ranges of motion.  He found that Jack had difficulty and discomfort when laterally bending his head to the right.  So as I held Jack in my lap, Dr. Daddy gently performed a chiropractic adjustment.  Immediately he whipped his head around like a horse being released from the gate at the Kentucky Derby!  Jack could turn and bend his head without difficulty or crying!  Excited, I quickly brought him to me to nurse and he gulped down a large meal! 


A few days later, the problem seemed to remerge so we did the same exam and adjustment and Jack was good to go again.  After a total of 3 treatments, Jack has not had any more problems breastfeeding.  He is almost 7 months now and nursing like a champ!  I was so amazed and ecstatic with the power of the chiropractic adjustment for my baby.  If you are a breastfeeding mom who’s had nursing troubles or engorgement issues then you can relate to what a relief it is to have your baby nursing successfully!


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    I had a similar experience with my son. Initially, he had difficulty sleeping when I knew he was tired (fussy, irritable…just not his nature). I examined his neck and found his upper cervical bone was out of alignment to the right. While his Daddy held onto his torso while he was lying on the bed, I gently adjusted his neck. He instantly relaxed and fell asleep. I never saw a reaction quite that dramatic with subsequent adjustments, but I was so thankful that releasing the pressure on his nervous system helped him to relax and feel better.

    Being a chiropractor mommy definitely comes in handy now that my son is pretty mobile. He often tumbles and bumps his head. I can quickly examine and adjust it as needed. From the age of sitting up to learning how to walk, there are a LOT of times that he falls…and the majority of those times he’ll bump something out of alignment in his neck. I’m glad I have the knowledge and capability to help him be pain free and avoid further complications if the misalignment continued.

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    vicky said,

    Thanks for this helpful information! I have a friend who recently had a newborn and is having the same difficulty latching on and dislikes nursing on the right side. I did reccommend going to a chiro and even looking into Cranial sacral massage. But your description is very helpful in the whys and wherefores!

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