Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend was a busy one for our family!  It started out Friday night with an evening out with our friends Molly and Joel.  It was one of our first date nights since Jack was born nearly 7 months ago!  It was a much needed night out.  Molly and Joel also have a little one at home, 9 month old Clara.  I realized on Friday that this was the first time we had a babysitter (besides a family member) at our home to watch Jack.  I didn’t have any phone numbers or anything prepared so I scrambled to get those written down for our sitter.  I wasn’t too nervous though, because our sitter was the woman who’s been watching Jack at our office.  He gets along great with her and we feel really comfortable with her too.  We really enjoyed dinner at the Olive Garden with a gift certificate from my in-laws and bowling!  I hadn’t been bowling in forever!  I really stink at bowling but it is always fun.  I lived up to my usual, without braking 100 in either game.  Greg is much better than I; he scored a 159 during one round!


Saturday we were pumped for the First BUCKEY GAME of the year!  Greg’s parents and sisters came over for the game.  I’m so glad its football season again!  I’m a HUGE Buckeye and football fan.  The only sad part about football season beginning is that means summer is coming to a close, my favorite season of the year.  We attended Saturday night church after the game and I worked on a few projects for Sunday, my sisters bridal shower.


Sunday my mom hosted my sister, Angie’s bridal shower in Centerville.  I am the oldest of 3 Arndts girls and Angie is the middle sister.  Her wedding is November 1, 2008 in Cincinnati.  I helped plan the activities for the shower but my mom did most of the work preparing, with a little help from my Aunt Gail.  Our activities included each guest making a clay bead with a special meaning/message for Angie, which we baked and strung on a necklace for her.  We played a game involving completing the sentence of a list of old sayings (i.e. Home is …where the heart is).  My Aunt B and Cousin Ashley won that game.  We also played our own version the “Newly Wed Game”, wrote her messages to hand on an “Advent” wreath, for her to open 1 message a day leading up to her wedding, and of course had yummy food and opened gifts.


Monday we were guest speakers at the Ohio Green Living Fayre at the Flying J Farm in Johnstown, Ohio.  It was a lot of fun but very hot.  This event is held annually and has speakers and vendors regarding alternative energy, earth ships, natural health care, and organic gardening and farming, just to name a few.  Our presentation was on “The medical model of health care vs. Wellness”.  I started off the talk and Dr. Greg did the majority of it after Jack was getting hungry.  Dr. Greg did an AWESOME presentation.  I was so proud of him.  He really did a wonderful job getting our message across.  I hope someday to be as comfortable and skilled of a speaker as he is.  At the event we listened to a talk on medicinal herbs and sampled some organic food and home made ice-cream.  We wanted to go to some additional talks on essential oils, urban green living and solar energy in the home, but it was 90 degrees and Jack had reached his limit!


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