Greener Future Friday Update – Shopping Success!

Greener Future Friday Update:  Shopping Success


After scouring through the isles of my local Baby’s “R” Us store I came home with some cute, safe bath toys for Jack!  I settled on the following bath toys: 


Sassy Count and Spell, Sassy Aquatic Bobblers, Sassy Counting Fish “n” Net, Sassy Squirting Sea Creatures.  I also decided to pick up a chemical free sippy and a set of born free sippy tops to replace nipples on his bornfree bottles, and a few chemical free toys.


I also noticed something interesting while shopping.  I had purchased Boon dishes/utensils when Jack started solids a month ago, including the bowl, bender spoon, plate, and the squirt spoon.  I later read on the Boon website that the squirt was previously made of PVC/phthalates and the company had switched to safer materials this summer.  The website also noted the modified product will have a note on the packaging saying PVC-free.  Well, I remembered mine did not have that so today I checked out the Boon section and there was the new product with the BPA-free label.  In addition, I could tell it was different than my previous purchase because the spoon section was a more cloudy plastic.  I spoke with a manager at the store and she said if I brought in my chemical-laden squirt she would gladly switch it out for the safer, newer version.  I was very grateful for Baby’s R Us offering to do that for me. 





 Jack enjoyed all of his new bath and play toys!  His favorite is the bath count & Spell alphabets.  He liked chewing on the soft foam and sucking the bath water off of them!


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