Pregnancy: 2nd Month (Part 1)

Month 2 in review:

During this time we traveled to Ohio (during our 3 week summer break) and took part in my sister-in-law’s wedding, we chose our prenatal care providers informed our family of growing family, and I awaited the impending “morning sickness”


Finding a prenatal care provider:

Heading into the 2nd month of pregnancy our primary goal was to find a prenatal care provider to care for us and our baby throughout the pregnancy and birth.  Most women think there is one option, a hospital birth with an obstetrician.  If you would have asked me 10 years ago how I imagined birth I would have said knock me out and wake me up with a baby in my arms!  My perception has changed dramatically since then.  I have been educated and enlightened as to the many choices there are when it comes to birth.  There is the typical hospital birth, hospital birthing sweets, birthing centers, water births, home births, O/B’s and midwives.  After confiding in other moms and researching all of the different birthing options (which I will elaborate on in the future), we chose to have our birth with a midwife.  We really like the idea of a water birth too.  After choosing to use a midwife we also looked into birthing centers and home births.  Initially we preferred a stand-alone birthing center with a midwife but later learned that unfortunately this was not an option in Ohio.   While searching for a midwife near New Albany, Ohio, where we planned on moving after graduation we found Choice Midwives in Columbus.  It is a group of several midwives who provide homebirth and prenatal services.  Their website was very informative and I enjoyed the birth stories.


Meeting the Midwives:

During our trip to Ohio, before we had told our families in Dayton and Upper Sandusky about our baby, we drove to Columbus looking for an apartment and squeezed in a visit to Choice.  We felt very comfortable as soon as we walked in the door.  The receptionist, Melody acted as if we were friends next door, when we had only spoken one or two times on the phone.  They had a lending library with many, books and videos on pregnancy, parenting, and health.  There also was a “resource room” where parents can drop off used baby and maternity items and others can pick up items for free.  We had our first consultation where we were assigned two senior midwives, Abby, Kellie, and an apprentice midwife, Jill.  They told us about Choice, about home births and asked lots of questions.  They were very friendly and sincere. They answered all of our questions and did a prenatal evaluation to make sure a home birth was safe for us.  They also gave us many educational handouts and articles to take home with us.  We left their office feeling confidant that we made the right choice and excited and looking forward to the rest of our 9 month journey.


Stay tuned for Part 2 on “Telling the Family”


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