Pregnancy: 2nd Month (Part 2)

Who found out first?  Shortly after finding out we were parents-to-be we drove from our apartment in Daytona Beach to Atlanta to visit my sister, Angie and her boyfriend (now fiancé) Eric, a trip we had planned for a while.  We didn’t want to tell others about the pregnancy until were 2-3 months along just in case, plus the whole pregnancy/parent thing hadn’t really sunk in for me yet.  As we were driving, Angie called and asked what we wanted to do for dinner.  She really wanted sushi!  As you know, sushi is off limits during pregnancy so I had to discretely shut down that idea.  She called back another hour down the road wanting to buy some wine for dinner and some deli meat for lunch, again, more from the do-not-touch during pregnancy list.  I again had to come up with reasons to decline.  After we arrived at her apartment we were just chit-chatting and she brings up the baby topic “so when are you guys having kids”.  Now it was becoming incredibly hard to hide our secret, much tougher face to face than over the phone.  So we did our best brushing off the question.  And it is not easy when it is happy, exciting news that you are trying to hide and it’s your sister you’re hiding it from!  We then headed for dinner to Angie and Eric’s favorite local Mexican restaurant.  Some how AGAIN they started asking the baby questions and I just couldn’t do it.  I just started smiling and laughing and shrugging my shoulders.  So Angie and Eric were the first to find out.  I had to make her keep her lips sealed until we went home on our summer break to tell our parents in person.  If you know Angie this was not easy.  She called me every other day to see if I told mom yet.  She begged me to let her tell someone, so she told her Atlanta co-worker.


Telling the family:

My parents were first: 

I am the oldest and the first (and only so far) to be married.  I was about 8 weeks and wanted to be further along before we told others but I also couldn’t imaging telling my parents over the phone and not in person that they were going be grandparents for the first time.  The whole drive from Florida to Ohio I was thinking about how I would tell my parents our exciting news.  It was difficult because it was still very surreal for me that I was pregnant and going to be a mom.  Especially since at only 8 weeks I couldn’t feel the baby, I looked the same, I felt the same (no morning sickness yet).  Really nothing was different except for those 2 pink lines.  The words “I’m Pregnant” seemed so weird and scary (exciting too).   I just couldn’t figure out what to say.  Soo we picked up some flowers for my parents at the store and I wrote on the card “Congratulations grandma and grandpa”.  I was nervous when I gave my mom the flowers with my dad standing by.  I think she was a little surprised that we brought flowers since it wasn’t a holiday.  Mom opened and read the card and my heart was pounding, I don’t know why I was so nervous but I was… mom said aloud “are you guys having babies?!”.  And we smiled and said yes!  Mom said how she had been secretly, unbeknownst to dad, waiting for us to have a baby, and wanting to be a grandma, especially with a lot of her friends sharing their experiences as first time grandmas!  Dad, on the other hand was surprised in a different way.  His reaction was “What, are you serious?”  At the time he wasn’t ready to be a grandpa, it was a stage in his life he hadn’t thought of yet.  To him grandpa meant being old!  It didn’t take him too long before he was excited to be a grandpa!  He started telling his friends, and fellow football coaches who shared with him their joy of being a grandparent.  A few weeks later, on the phone, dad was talking about a junior NFL football he had saved for his first son (he had 3 girls) or grandson.  He was getting more excited each day. 


Telling the in-laws:

Greg’s sister, Allison was getting married toward the end of our 3 week break.  Luckily I hadn’t gained more than a pound or two so I could still fit easily into my bridesmaid dress.  We didn’t want to tell them until after the wedding.  We didn’t want to take any attention away from the beautiful bride on her wedding day!  The day after Allison’s wedding, she and her new husband Collin had brunch at Greg’s parents house with family over to watch them open wedding gifts.  We picked out a wedding card for Allison and Colin and wrote something to the effect “Aunt Allison and Uncle Colin, Congratulations, and we hope you will enjoy your new niece or nephew!” and we strategically placed our card at the bottom of the pile.  As they worked their way though the pile of gifts and cards I became a little nervous and wondered what everyone’s reaction would be.  Finally they finished all but the last card and Allison read it to her self then shouted, “Greg and Heather are having a baby!”.  Half of the room was tired and distracted and the other half turned in their seats and looked over at us.  They were surprised and excited and gave us hugs.  Allison quickly picked up the phone to call their brother Mike and sister-in-law Becky who have been asking for a cousin for their 2 kids for a while now.  They were very excited and came over to congratulate us too!


A few phone calls later and all our family and friends were excitedly awaiting our first baby!


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