Baby Unplugged

Sunday, we had quite a wind storm in central Ohio, New Albany, and Westerville included!  Remnants of hurricane Ike combined with a cold front to bring us 75 MPH winds, in Ohio, if you can believe that!  The closest we’ll ever be to hurricane weather in the buckeye state!  Greg and I lived in Florida for 3.5 years and through several tropical storms and hurricanes and surprisingly, never experienced wind as strong and sustained as we did Sunday!  The most unusual part about the whole experience was there was no rain, no lightning, no thunder or dark clouds, just wind (and that was enough)!


We lost our power around 4pm Sunday.  Greg was at our Chiropractic office in New Albany working on some paperwork.  At first I was glad to get a call from him saying the power was out because that meant he was coming home!  He was tired and a bit frustrated with some unexpected, unfinished, paperwork and I knew he needed a mental break, and Jack and I missed daddy.  After all, weekends are for family time!  Shortly after he made it back, we lost power at our home in Westerville.  The wind was blowing fiercely, trees bending to extreme, and leaves and branches blowing down the street like tumbleweed.  A lot of people were walking out their doors to check out the wind.  Kids were out “playing” in the wind, seeing if it would knock them over… and it did!  We noticed neighbors gathering near the street.  Then I heard sirens and looked out the window and a giant tree had fallen, crushing a parked car and blocking our street!  About an hour later a similar scene appeared with another huge, old tree lying across our street.  I’m glad no one was hurt!  We later stepped outside, it was still blowing quite a bit, but like the other curious onlookers we wanted to see what it felt like to stand in such wind.  We carried Jack outside with us and he loved the wind blowing his hair.  We didn’t stay out too long because I was worried small debris could strike us in the eye. 


As the storm died down and daylight was running out we gathered up flashlights and candles, and a battery powered radio.  We kept the windows open since it was cool and breezy outside.  We dug up some macaroni and cheese from the cupboard, and used our stove is gas powered, for dinner.  We added some caned tuna to make it a little more healthy.   Then I realized our biggest problem!  I have been saving up breast milk for next month when I will spend a weekend in Las Vegas for my sister’s bachelorette party.  It will be my first trip away from Greg and Jack since his birth and because I plan on nursing him for at least 12 months, I need a good supply for Greg to feed him when I’m gone.  I have been staying up late to pump and store up this milk for months now, it’s like gold to me!  So I sent Greg out for some Ice to pack the freezer and for one more flashlight.  We packed the Ice in tight when he got back and planned to take our milk of gold to a friends or his parent’s house if our power wasn’t back on by Monday evening.  We decided to forgo Jack’s planned bath tonight and rocked him to sleep in candlelight.  It was quite peaceful! Greg and I pulled out some pleasure reading books and with our flashlight and some candles enjoyed a relaxing evening before we headed to bed.  As new parents and new business owners (which has been soo much more draining mentally and physically than expected) I think the power outage was almost a blessing in disguise.   Forced relaxation that was much needed for both of us, no TV, music, lights or internet, just quiet!


On the business side of things the power outage stinks!  We went in Monday morning and found the major road from our home to the office was closed due to down power lines.  This was not a good sign!  As expected, when we arrived at the office it was dark as night.  We hoped the lights would be on by the afternoon but it didn’t look promising.  This was a real bummer!  We had a great momentum going into this week with last week our best week so far for our office and Monday looked like it would be record day for us too.  I hope we can pick up the momentum right where we left off when the power is back. 


After hading back home and giving Jack his overdue bath, we left to run some errands, and picked up some lunch so we didn’t have to heat up our home with the gas stove again.  We stopped by the grocery, which we thought might have power.  As soon as I walked in the door there was a wretched smell of spoiled milk and meat!  It was awful!  We left and tried the grocery across the road and luckily it did have power.  We went home and I rested for a bit, while Jack and daddy played.  I was up last night with Jack more than usual so I was very grateful for the rest!  The evening was approaching and I was making plans for my milk of gold!  My friend Julie in Dublin had power so she agreed to store it at her place, and would call when she got off work.  We then decided to kill some time and go for a walk.  As we turned back toward our apartment we noticed the lights in the neighborhood turned on!  We picked up speed hoping our place across the street would also have power.  And it did!!!  Yeah for lights!  I was relieved I didn’t have to worry any more about my milk supply and we could have a normal night again.  Although, Greg and I almost enjoyed the lack of power, except for the fridge/freezer.  So we decided we’d try to have one day a week where we will use minimal power and hopefully will have a few more quite, relaxing, restful days!


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    katie said,

    I saw this tree as I was driving by and a tree split in half. about a foot away from me!!! I was scared to death

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