A Milestone Week

Milestone #1

Last week (7.5 months) was full of milestones for Jack.  Greg and I were excited to watch him propel himself forward on all fours Thursday morning.  Jack’s officially crawling… and not just backwards now!  Everyone always says “everything changes when the get mobile”.  He doesn’t get very far yet but I’m waiting to see what will happen and how life will change now that he is moving! 


Milestone #2

Friday at our office Jack pulled himself up to standing all by himself!  I didn’t think he would do this already because we don’t have coffee tables and other low furniture around or home for him to practice on.  Although, he has been trying for a few weeks now to stand in his crib or to climb on Greg and I, but hadn’t pulled himself all the way up without assistance.  He was playing with a large wooden cube with games on each side and curly wires on top with beads.  While I stabilized the box with my foot he yanked on the curly wire until he was all the way up!


Milestone #3

Jack’s talking!  He has been making some daaa sounds for a few weeks but on Friday he said a very emphatic DAD!  And once he realized his new trick he’s been showing it off and practicing a lot.  I don’t think he realizes that Greg is dad yet but I’m sure it won’t be long. 


Great week Jack!

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    Greg said,

    Great job Jack!!! And great job Heather with the blog. Jack is so lucky to have such a fantastic Mommy.

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