What to do with 2 Sick Parents and A Baby… Call in the Troops!

Last weekend Greg and I both came down with food poisoning.  It hit me first at 4am on Saturday.  Still feeling alright, Greg took my Saturday morning shift at our chiropractic office in New Albany, but came home feeling not so good.  As the day went on we both felt worse… fevers, headaches and digestive issues.  Let me tell you how easy it is to watch a 7 month old who just started crawling when mom AND dad feel like they’ve been hit by a ton of bricks at the same time!  We took turns napping while one of us kept a groggy eye on Jack, which was about all we could do.  We’re lucky he was such a trooper playing well by himself… at least for a while.  After a while we both tried to convince the other that we were the sicker, more tired, more pathetic one…

“You get him.” 

“I can’t, you get him.”

“No really, I can’t, you get him.”

“It was a pathetic scene!” 

That’s when we decided to call in the troops!  We both got on the phone and called our parents and some siblings who were in town, 6 different cell phones in total we called and every single one was turned off!!  It was such a disappointment, although we knew they had several obligations this weekend, but we were desperate!  Luckily, later Greg’s mom and dad called back and said they would come!  Relief!  We were so grateful that they came Saturday night so we could get some rest and hopefully feel better by morning!  This was especially important because Sunday morning we were participating in the New Albany Walking Classic 10K.  An event we have been planning for several months.  Our office, Ohio Family & Sports Chiropractic, had a group of 28 family, friends, and patients who signed up to participate in the walk and wear a shirt with our office name.


We woke Sunday morning, after a good night sleep thanks to Greg’s wonderful parents, with our fever’s gone, stomachs settled, and feeling much better.  Maybe not 100%, a little dehydrated and weak but better, and good enough for the race!  That morning I thanked Doris for coming over at such last minute notice and she said “You guys sounded so pathetic on the phone, I just thought “who’s going to look after that baby?!”.  I laughed!


Thanks Clem and Doris

We completed the race on Sunday and enjoyed the company of the others who supported us and Ohio Family & Sports Chiropractic.


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    wow. i wondered why i hadn’t heard ya on the blogosphere lately. so sorry to hear that. food poisoning is awful….i’ve had it twice and it is NOT fun. glad you found a reliable back-up.

    your post cracked me up. we played that game “you get him; i’m too tired…i haven’t slept in DAYS!” when he was having sleep issues at night.

    calvin’s been teething molars for 1.5 weeks. it sucks. at least he’s sleeping through the night again…boy, that was rough for a weeek or so. now, he’s just feverish at times, appetite waxes and wanes, and he gnaws on his fingers like crazy. i hope he gets relief soon.

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