Greener Future Fridays: Homemade Eco-friendly Cleaner

Would you like to make your own safe, chemical and toxin free household cleaner?  It’s super easy and low cost too!  Only 3 ingredients! 


            1 part White distilled vinegar

            4 parts Water

Add a few drops (10-14) of lemongrass essential oil for its nice smell and anti-bacterial properties or try tee tree oil for disinfectant and anti-viral.  If you’re feeling creative mix them together!


Mix these into a spray bottle and that’s it!

Happy cleaning!


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    […] June 12, 2009 · Filed under Chemical-free, Green Living &#183 Tagged columbus ohio, drinking water, hazardous waste disposal, household chemical disposal This one is for you JamieLee!  So what do you do with those household chemicals, pesticides, old paint, florescent light bulbs, medication, and more that you want to discard?  Throwing them in the trash is a big no-no!  Don’t try dumping down the toiled either.  You don’t want that hazardous waste to go into landfills, seep into the ground and eventually make it back into your drinking water.  We already have a problem with prescription medication in our water.    Check out this news story.  Was your city tested?  What was found?  Below I have listed some information on identifying hazardous chemicals and where to dispose of them.  This may be a great time to clean out your closets of toxic chemicals.  I will be posting in the future on how to make you own homemade cleaners.  One of which I already posted HERE. […]

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