Weekend Update: New Albany Equestrain Event & The Olympic Chiropractor

My First Equestrian Show

My First Equestrian Show

Today I attended my first equestrian event with Greg and Jack, The New Albany Classic Invitational Grand Prix and Family Day.  It is held on Les Wexner’s personal horse farm.  When we first arrived I didn’t realize what a large event it was.  The day opened in the morning with many fun activities for children, which ran all day long, such as blow-up slides, trampolines, a rock climbing wall, carnival rides, face painting, petting zoo, games, food and more!  We didn’t arrive until later, just as the show jumping was about to begin.  With Jack in the Baby Bjorn we trekked across the large parking area, past all of the activities to the grand stands and found a place to sit.  I was amazed at how close we felt to the field the way the stands were set up.  It was a great view of the event.  The show field was beautifully manicured.  The jumps/fences on the course had exquisite design with gorgeous flowers.   There were 28 horses competing.  The program outlined a little bit about the sport and the rules which was helpful.  I really enjoyed watching the horses and riders.  I can remember watching horse jumping on TV as a child and I remember being fascinated by it.  It was even better in person, although it was a bit warmer than I expected and dressed for.   



Great attire

Great attire

When Jack’s attention span wore out we got up and walked around the grounds for a bit since we didn’t have an opportunity to check everything out due to arriving late.  We scoped out all of the fun activities that Jack might be able to enjoy when he is older next year.  I checked out the age and weight limits for the bunji trampoline and rock climbing wall, which I would meet.  I would like to try those out next year.  That’s the kid in me coming out!  We also decided our niece, Clareese might enjoy going next year too.  We’ll have to tell her all about it. 


This weekend was a busy one for me.  Prior to the New Albany Classic, on Saturday I began my first post graduate degree program.  You would think that after spending the first 27 years of my life as a student that I would have had enough of studying, tests and torture, but no.  You see, I have had this goal since before I started Chiropractic College to some day be the U.S. Olympic Team Chiropractor.  My first step was to get my Doctor of Chiropractic degree.  Next comes the CCSP (Certified Chiropractic Sports physician) which is what I started on Saturday.  It is approximately a 6 month process involving 5 live weekends and 5 online classes and a testing day in San Diego, CA.  I wasn’t planning on doing this certification so soon after graduating but it just happened to be offered in my backyard, Columbus, Ohio so I decided to take advantage of that.  Upon completing the CCSP degree program, I will go on to get a DACBSP (Diplomate of the American Board of Chiropractic Sports Physician), followed by fulfilling a 2 week internship at the Olympic training center in Colorado, and then, if the athletes and staff like me and think I did a good job, I might, some day be considered for the position of US Olympic Chiropractor! 

I know in my heart, I will be there, some day! 

 “If you want something bad enough and work hard enough, ANYTHING is possible”

        Heather Prenger, D.C.


More photos from The New Albany Classic…




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    Yay Heather! Congrats on starting CCSP. Sounds like y’all had a blast. Jack’s getting so big! I hope to meet him one day. Calvin got the ruddy cheeks and chin just before he got a few teeth in…Jack may have teeth popping in soon!

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    Becky said,

    What awesome pictures! Jack is growing tooooooooo fast. The pictures of Jack are adorable same with the professional shots in another blog. The horse pictures are amazing they look like pictures you would see in a magazine. Heather your blog looks great!!! I enjoyed reading everything. It is nice how informative yet entertaining it is. From all I have read it sounds like you all are very busy. Hope to see your family soon. Clareese asks about Jack often. God Bless

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