Viva Las Vegas!!

Its 9:30 am Eastern Time and I am on the plane heading to Las Vegas for the weekend for my sister, Angie’s Bachelorette party.  This is my first time being away from Jack.  I’m a little nervous but also looking forward to a great weekend get-a-way.  Daddy will be texting me cute pictures of Jack all weekend!  As I was nursing this morning I was a little sad that I wouldn’t see him for 3 full days.  It may not sound like long to the average person but if you’re a new mom I’m sure you can relate with me when I sounds like eternity!  I have been storing up breast milk since July, waking up late at night here and there to pump.  I should have plenty now.  Jack is still nursing about 6 times a day, some days 8 times.  He’s also eating 2 solid meals, a larger breakfast and smaller lunch.  Although, this past week he’s been turning his nose up to his usual favorites.  I’m thinking maybe his gums are bothering him.  Still no teeth yet, but it can’t be too far away. 


I should arrive in Vegas in another 2 hours.  I will be meeting my sisters Angie and Erica, cousin Ashley, Angie’s future mother and sister in-law, and her friends Nicole and Ali.  There may be more but that’s all I can remember right now.  It should be a great weekend, hopefully not too crazy.  I’m not really the crazy type J.  I will update the blog later in my trip.  Until then, have a great weekend! 


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