Pumping in Vegas

I’m back at the Las Vegas airport where I access free internet!  To log on in our hotel it was going to be $14/day, or $8 for 15 min. in the business center… whatever happened to free wireless in hotels?  I think everyone really enjoyed Angie’s Bachelorette weekend get-a-way.  With my breast pump in tote I have almost made it through my first weekend away from Jack, hopefully without any mastitis.  It was a little strange carrying it around everywhere I went, and pumping in the nightclub bathroom, that was interesting, with the base booming in the background.  Everyone arrived by lunchtime Friday.  We checked out a Mexican restaurant connected to our hotel.  It was great food but pricy, but that’s Vegas.  We relaxed in the hotel for a while then went to a really cool dueling piano bar.  I’m not much of a bar person but I do enjoy the great music and entertainment at piano bars.  Saturday we enjoyed sleeping in and then hit the shops and checked out some of the casino resorts.  We had a great lunch at Caesars Palace then headed back to the room to get ready for Angie’s big night out.  When all the girls had their hair curled and heels on we kicked the night off with a riming story, “Angie’s Party in Vegas”.  We recapped night one and plotted night too, with small gifts for her to open as part of our story.  By the end of the poem she had some nice gifts and was decked out in the ultimate bachelorette attire.  We went to 2 clubs, both really cool.  We were such a great looking bunch that we got free admission and drinks at both.  I headed back early with Angie’s future mother and sister – law since I’m not the night owl that the others are, but it was a great time.  Not much gambling though, maybe next time. 


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    Linda said,

    Glad you had a nice time with your sister and wedding party friends. I wondered what happened to the “updates’ you promised. haha Just imagine the happy faces when you get off the plane! Welcome home.

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    Hey, was the dueling piano bar in NYNY? I never went inside it, but saw it from the corridor. That was definitely my favorite casino…with the AWESOME roller coaster.

    By the way, that nasty cold that’s goin around…it’s hit Charlottesville, too. Steve had it last week, and I was stuck at home in bed on Sunday b/c I was COMPLETELY zapped of strength and energy. Steve took Calvin with him to church so I could rest. I slept the entire time! I still feel pretty much hit like a train every morning I get up…but hey, at least my sinuses are clear (thank goodness for chiropractic!)

    Also, I’d love it if you’d like to write up an in-depth post on TWB on pumping breastmilk while at a bachelorette party in Vegas. How unique is that? Let me know if you’re interested. I’d love to hear about how you kept up your supply by pumping…or if it was less than when you pumped at home. Did you struggle with engorgement? What was the strangest place you pumped? How did other people treat you? Did you have a hard time finding places to pump in private? Did your heart ache for your baby?

    I can’t imagine going 3 days without my son…the longest we’ve been apart is 3 hours!

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    […] decision… Reflecting back on my experience pumping in Vegas, which you can read more about here, it was o.k.  One thing I noticed during that trip, is the further into my trip I was, the more I […]

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