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Food, Fever, & Healthy Turkey Day Tips!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!  I’m looking forward to the 4 day weekend and time with family!  Greg, Jack and I will be heading starting our day in Botkins with Greg’s family then we will finish the day at my parents.  I hope the day won’t be too crazy.  The rest of the weekend will be spent relaxing, visiting more family and some office cleaning. 


This week has flown by!  Jack had 2 first’s this week, but not the kind I was looking forward to.  On Monday afternoon he threw up for the first time ever and then he got his first fever L.  It all started very abruptly out of the blue.  He became very sluggish and extra cuddly.  He wasn’t his perky, goofy, happy-Jack self.  I made sure to nurse him often and kept up on my vitamins and hydration so it would filter down to Jack.  I took some extra vitamin C and Echinacea too.  His fever peaked Monday night and slowly declined through the day Tuesday.  He was back to normal thankfully on Wednesday.  It was not a fun experience and I don’t look forward to the next time.  I am glad he got better quickly though. 


Tips on having a healthier thanksgiving:

  1. Choose a variety of colors on your plate – don’t forget red, orange and green!
  2. Portion Control – smaller portions spaced out throughout the day is better than one mile-high plate of food.
  3. Pass on the rolls – besides being pro-inflammatory, there are too many other yummy choices on Turkey Day!
  4. Try water instead of pop
  5. Hold the whip cream on the pumpkin pie
  6. Participate in a local Turkey Trot walk/run before the big meal
  7. Go for a walk or play some flag football after the big meal



Happy Turkey Day!


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Portland Wrap-up

I arrived home from Portland Monday late afternoon.  So here’s a re-cap…
Mt. Hood

Mt. Hood

My pumping adventure continued on the plane – it was uneventful, then again at Cincy’s house after she picked me up from the airport.  It was a scenic 15 min. drive to her house, which she shares with 3 roommates.  I saw my first glance at Mt. Hood, which was AMAZING!!  I love the mountains.  They look so majestic and strong.  I was very grateful that Cincy was able to pick me up and share her home with me this weekend.

Cincy had to leave for work as a pharmacist shortly after she picked me up.  So I decided to spend FridayDowntown afternoon exploring downtown Portland.  I attempted to get some info online about the public transportation routs into downtown however my computer kept giving me the blue screen of death over and over again (I thought I had this thing finally fixed, it is possessed!) so I gave up and ventured outside on my own.  Cincy gave me a brief depiction of the area before she left, but due to my poor sense of direction and after walking for about 10 min and feeling lost I back tracked to the Fred Meyer’s Grocery store to ask for direction.  An employee in the store told me which Tri Met bus would take me downtown and mentioned that the Max train offers free transportation from there.  I made it downtown after entertaining the bus driver by the fact that I had never been on a city bus (except once in Columbus, OH 9 yrs ago). 


Pioneer Square

Pioneer Square

I walked around Pioneer Square (considered the 4th best public space in the world!) and went to the visitor’s center to get info on bus service to and from my seminar.  The woman at the counter was very friendly and helpful.  Downtown was nice, clean, and pedestrian friendly however, I have had an opportunity to see many great downtowns in the country but not many mountains!  So I asked woman where was the best place in town to get a great view of the mountains.  She suggested the Japanese and Rose Gardens and gave me tips on how to get there.

 starbucksI needed to pump before venturing out to the gardens so, after looking around and realizing there wasn’t a private space to sit, I decided to find a quiet table at Starbucks and that worked well.   I then grabbed a slice of pizza at Pizzicato and made my way to the Japanese garden.  After several hours, of walking, waiting, riding, and asking Portlanders to point me in the right direction I finally arrived at the Japanese Garden.  BUT, it was closed!  I didn’t even think about the hours before I headed out there.  I was able to walk around the Rose Garden and finally found a great view of Mt. Hood, what I was after all along!  I only had 20 min. before I had to hurry back to the bus stop so I wouldn’t miss the last bus of the night!  I finally made it back to Cincy’s house Friday night and I was exhausted!!  I was up at 4:30 am ET and it was 9pm PT!  I had a great day, saw Portland downtown, some gorgeous snow top mountains, and met some exceptionally friendly people who helped me find my way!   It was time to hit the sheets before my seminar in the morning.   

Mt. Hood

Rose Garden

portland-08-003My seminar, located at Western States Chiropractic College, went well.  I learned some valuable tools that will benefit many patients.  I took the bus on in the morning Saturday but Cincy was able to drive me home.  We had dinner at the Kenned School, part of the McMenamins chain.  It was a school turned into entertainment facility with several restaurants, hotel rooms, a cigar room, pool, bar, and a large space for weddings and party’s.  It was an interesting, all-in-one hot spot.  We ate in the Boiler room which was really neat!  On Sunday a woman I met at the seminar offered to pick me up on Sunday, which was wonderful!  On Sunday evening after my seminar was complete, Cincy and I went out to eat at a great Tai restaurant within walking distance.  I think it’s so nice that she can walk to the grocery, restaurants, shops and boutiques, and has access to public transportation throughout the city.  I see why Portland is one of the most Green Cities in the country.  I also learned that they don’t fluorinate their water, which is super cool!  Learn more about how Portland is a Leader in Green cities here

Me and Cincy, Can you tell I haden't adjusted to west coast time, my eyes are so tired here!

Me and Cincy

I definately enjoyed my trip to Portland, but I was glad to be heading home on Monday.  I missed Greg and Jack a lot!  I would love to go back to Portland some day on a family trip and spend more time exploring the nature and wildlife Portland and the nothwest has to offer!

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Pumping On The Road Again: Portland Bound

Today I left for a weekend chiropractic seminar in Portland, OR.  A lot of pumping is also in store for me with another weekend away from my nursing baby!  This should be the last separation for a while and I’m elated about that!  I miss my baby and hubby already!  I left early and stopped in Minneapolis, where I am sitting now killing time until I depart to Portland.  I’m glad Minneapolis is not my final destination… as soon as we landed I looked out and it was very gray and dreary out my window.  I do love Minnesota, the land of 10,000 Lakes, in the spring and summer but it doesn’t seem very pleasant this time of year.  As for the pumping, right now I am debating weather to pump before my flight leaves 10:25 ET or to wait and pump on the plane closer to Jack’s typical mealtime 11-noonish.


Here is 9-month-old Jack’s typical schedule – with typical being relative.  “Typical” can very widely from day to day.  We have been trying to move Jack a little more in the direction of having a general schedule vs. previously having no schedule at all!  It has been putting a toll on Greg and I, and I think Jack too.  Hopefully this will also help with his sleeping (still not sleeping through the night)… but that could be another blog for another day.  So back to the schedule:


5:00am-7:00ish – Wake up and nurse and play


8:00am-8:30ish – solid meal then more playing – usually plain organic yogurt with fruit, veggies, and a vitamin D drop (sun isn’t shinning much these days in the Midwest.


9:30am-11:00ish – down for a nap somewhere during this time – some days 30 min. some days 1 hour


10:30am – noon-ish – Upon waking from nap – nursing


About 1 hr after nursing – 2nd Solid meal, and playing, then off to our Chiropractic Office in New Albany, OH.


1:30-4:00ish – here’s where the “typical” gets wider and wider – down for nap #2 – usually 30-90 min., then playing


2:00pm-8:00pm-ish???Nursing 1-2 more times, playing, and heading home from the office and dinner for mom and dad – not necessarily in that order


8:00-9:30pm-ish  – (our new attempt at a nighttime schedule) Nursing, bath or baby massage, reading books, singing and rocking, prayers and bed.

After 9:30 – exhausted mom and dad watch some TV, read, study, blog, knit, build a fire, or more often, just go straight to bed. 

Late night – occasional nursing, but rarely will allow him to nurse after 1am.  Lately he has been doing better about not getting a late night nursing, unless we are too tired to put energy into getting him back to sleep if he wakes.


Back to the pumping decision… Reflecting back on my experience pumping in Vegas, which you can read more about here, it was o.k.  One thing I noticed during that trip, is the further into my trip I was, the more I had to pump.  The more I pumped the more milk I produced.  I wasn’t too worried about it then because I knew I needed a milk supply to take home with me and replace the stores Jack used for my upcoming Portland trip.  This time around I’d like to try and prevent the increased milk production beyond what Jack needs.  So I will try to space out my pumping a much as possible while still making sure I get at least 5 sessions in a day and, that I don’t get mastitis from engorgement, which I am very prone to.   I know there are pumping, working or traveling moms out there who are desperately worried about diminishing their supply.  Thankfully I don’t have that worry, but pumping isn’t without its obstacles.   Pumping on the plane to and from Vegas was a pleasant experience.  I sat next to two ladies who were very respectful and inquisitive.  They shared stories of when their children were babies and how pumps have come a long way from when they were moms.  I enjoyed talking to them and was glad that I could relax and feel comfortable with pumping in such a small and public place.


Sooo anyway, I decided to wait and pump on the plane.


Due to no free internet at the Minneapolis airport (bummer!) I’ll be posting this later.

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Wordless Wednesday’s

Can you tell who's Teething?

Can you tell who

 Can you tell who’s teething?

Jack tried beets today, Yumm!

Jack tried beets today, Yumm!

 I entered my photo in a contest on 5 Minutes for Mom

How wide can you open?

How wide can you open?

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Monday for Moms: My Favorite Dessert!

I want to share with you my favorite healthy dessert.  Just because I used the word healthy doesn’t mean it’s not super yummy!  This dessert was invented by my nutrition professor at Palmer Chiropractic College in Florida, Dr. David Seaman.  I put my own little twist on his invention.  It is very easy to make and no cooking required.  So here it is…


  1. Frozen berries of your choice (Blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, black raspberries, cherries, and/or cranberries)
  2. Organic heavy whipping cream
  3. Shaved dark chocolate (the higher % cocoa the better, I like 85% or higher, but I’ll do 65% or 70% if that’s all I can find)
  4. Shredded coconut


In a bowl place your frozen berries and drizzle with organic heavy whipping cream.  Let it sit out and thaw slightly or thaw it for a few seconds in the microwave.  As the berries thaw the whipping cream freezes.  With a grater, grate the chocolate and coconut and sprinkle on top.  You could also try adding almond slivers to your evening treat.


Health benefits:  The berries and dark chocolate are very high in anti-oxidants.  Coconut is a natural anti-inflammatory saturated fat. Another thing I love about this dessert is that you know exactly what all of the ingredients are in this creation, however if you were to look on the back of an ice cream box you would likely see many, many ingredients, some of which you probably can’t even pronounce.  It is a much healthy option that ice cream, lower in sugar, but just as tasty!


Enjoy and let me know how you liked it!

Here is a photo but it doesn’t do it justice.  You have to try it for yourself!

Healthy & Chocolate - you can't beat that!

Healthy & Chocolate - you can't pass that up!


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Happy 9-month Birthday, Jack!


Today Jack is 9 months.  These past 9 months have flown by… much faster than the 9 months of pregnancy.  I’m sure, in part to the opening of our chiropractic office. It’s remarkable how much life has changed with an amazing new joyous smiling face every day, glowing with love, and with new daily challenges too.

9 Months in Review 

1 Month

The end of pregnancy and beginning of life with baby Jack, constant breastfeeding, diaper changing, learning, calming and comforting, first chiropractic adjustment, the bassinette next to our bed at night, staring at adorable baby Jack all day.  Also, mom and dad get their Ohio Chiropractic License.

2 Months

Jack starts smiling, First-time OSU spectator at a Buckeye rowing regatta, First road trip to Aunt Angie’s house in Atlanta, meets Aunt Erica for the first time!


3 Months

Jack rolls over; moves from bassinette in mom & dad’s room to swing/crib in Jack’s room.


4 Months

Jack rolled over first back to front, then front to back in our office, Baptism, first OSU baseball game, and mom and dad purchase their own chiropractic office in New Albany.


5 Months

First dip in the swimming pool, first trip to the Lake, first tine digging in the sand!


6 Months

Jack can sit by himself,  had his first try at solids, avocado then banana and sweet potatoes; Jack can sit by himself


7 Months

Trying more new foods, Crawling, standing, climbed up several stairs, talking: dad,dad,dad, eyes start changing from blue to hazel brown


8 Months

First go at foods other than fruits and veggies:  yogurt, egg yoke, and chicken; consistently eating 2 solid meals per day, starting to let go when standing, walking along the couch, and learned how to escape from his swing like Houdini! He is exploring more sounds “tatata”, can open dresser drawers and take out dady’s clothes, is getting into cabinets, loves to make a b-line for cat food and litter boxes, and mom’s first weekend away from Jack, (Aunt Angie’s bachelorette party in Las Vegas) and dad’s first weekend alone with Jack. 

 9 Months

Maybe the first tooth will be in store for Jack?  Jack saw his midwife today who allowed us to take some firewood.  He was intrigued and wanted to crawl toward mom’s fire.  He has been trying out some more new sounds today “Ca” and “Ga” and “La” but still no “mom”. 


9Mo & Ready for Breakfast

9Mo & Ready for BreakfastJackJack

Sleepy Jack and Handsom Dad ready to visit the nursing home
Sleepy Jack and Handsom Dad ready to visit the nursing home


Jack's Favorite Toy


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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: Wedding, Fussy Baby, Bra Shopping!



Jack and Aunt Angie

Jack and Aunt Angie


Getting Back on Track: 


I apologize for my sabbatical from the blogosphere.  I was just reading my good friend Dolly’s blog about her baby’s first birthday and I realized that I will be really be thankful down the road for having my blogging chronicle of Jacks 1st year and the years to come.  Also thanks Linda for the swift kick in the butt and motivation to get back on my blogging schedule!  It is really fun and I love picking new topics to research, it helps me to continue learning new things!  Maybe I’m a dork but learning is fun and when I’m not learning I just feel like I’m getting dumber.


Last weekend was my sister Angie’s wedding.  In our family Angie is the middle sister, I’m the oldest and Erica is the youngest of the 3 girls.  It was a busy but fun weekend.  I am very happy for Angie and her new husband Eric… who are now in Hawaii for 2 weeks! 



St. Xavier Church

St. Xavier Church





Rehearsal – This is the 3rd wedding Jack has attended in his 9 months.  Thursday was the rehearsal and dinner.  It was my first glance at the church, which was gorgeous and very ornate.  Dinner was at the Montgomery Inn in Cincinnati, a restaurant I have heard a lot of great things about but had never been to.  The food was excellent.  I had salmon yummy omega 3’s!  Angie looked adorable in her bubble dress and we watched a cute video documentary of Angie and Eric and their courtship.  The group was a rowdy bunch at dinner, which is already a more fussy time for Jack so he wasn’t a happy camper.  When he finally dosed off my parents took turns holding him in the neighboring room, which was quiet and dark.  Greg did not attend; he wanted to but instead he was treating patients in our Chiropractic office in New Albany, OH. 


Day Off – Friday was a more low-key day.  We stayed at my parent’s house in Dayton.  Jack and I went shopping a strapless bra for me and black dress socks for Jack to go with his little black and gold suit and shiny black shoes.  Target was our first stop and unfortunately not our last.  Surprisingly the bra was easier to find than the socks!  As all of you breastfeeding moms can probably relate to, fitting into my pre-baby strapless was not going to happen!  Lucky for me, the very first one I tried on fit perfect and that NEVER happens.  I thought I was on a roll but had no luck with the black socks.  I figured Baby’s R Us, the baby superstore, must have them, but again I struck out.  I decided no one makes black socks for infants.  I would have settled for girl socks but they don’t make those in black either.  Later that day I FINALLY found some at JC Penny but I had to have the sales lady check in the back and luckily she dug up a pair.  We then headed to the nail salon with my mom and met Angie and some of the brides maids/matrons.  It was nice to get a manicure, something I almost never do.  Being a chiropractor I have to keep my nails short so I never bother going to the nail salon.  It was obvious I was out of my element… the gentleman working on my nails had to re-do several nails due to my smudging them while waiting for the others to finish.  I think he was glad when I left.  Greg met us Friday night at my parents and we spend the evening resting up for Angie’s big day! 


Wedding Bells

Saturday morning came and I left my parents house with Jack for Cincinnati to get my hair and make-up done with the other girls at the Omni Netherlands Hotel.  Sister Erica did a lovely job on my hair and Aunt Gail did wonders with my make-up.  I had a little trouble with my dress though, which was fitted when Jack was 2 months and baby weight was not yet gone.  Despite getting it altered, it took a handful of safety pins to keep the dress from falling off!  Jack was so good all morning, did great on the drive to Cinci, took a nap at the hotel in his portable swing while I got beautified and was giggling and smiling and entertaining the other girls.  Greg stayed back and caught a ride with my dad and aunt who got a stretch limo to take them from Dayton to Cinci – can’t beat that ride! 


Its Happening!

Its Happening!

 Finally everyone was ready and the ceremony began!  It was beautiful and everything went smoothly besides a slight delay in the arrival of the bridesmaid’s flowers. 



Angie and I

Angie and I

Angie and Eric had the bridal party ride in style in a fancy party bus to get photos taken at a local park and then to travel to the reception.  Erica and I prepared a speech for Angie and Eric and it went smoothly.  Jack hung out with grandma and grandpa Prenger during the ceremony and through dinner at the reception.  That helped Greg and I tremendously since we were both in the wedding party.  Also, I was able to sneak away a few times to nurse him.  After the dinner Jack reached his stimulation limit.  It had been a long, loud, busy day and he was ready to be back in his normal environment and he let us know loud and clear.  Greg and I spend a lot of time sitting with Jack in the entry area of the reception facility, it was quieter here.  Finally we made it to the hotel… a successful day… Angie Arndts is now Angie England, Jack is asleep and mom & dad are pooped!


ps. I hope to add more photos when I can get some from the other 10 girls who had cameras all weekend!


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