Happy 9-month Birthday, Jack!


Today Jack is 9 months.  These past 9 months have flown by… much faster than the 9 months of pregnancy.  I’m sure, in part to the opening of our chiropractic office. It’s remarkable how much life has changed with an amazing new joyous smiling face every day, glowing with love, and with new daily challenges too.

9 Months in Review 

1 Month

The end of pregnancy and beginning of life with baby Jack, constant breastfeeding, diaper changing, learning, calming and comforting, first chiropractic adjustment, the bassinette next to our bed at night, staring at adorable baby Jack all day.  Also, mom and dad get their Ohio Chiropractic License.

2 Months

Jack starts smiling, First-time OSU spectator at a Buckeye rowing regatta, First road trip to Aunt Angie’s house in Atlanta, meets Aunt Erica for the first time!


3 Months

Jack rolls over; moves from bassinette in mom & dad’s room to swing/crib in Jack’s room.


4 Months

Jack rolled over first back to front, then front to back in our office, Baptism, first OSU baseball game, and mom and dad purchase their own chiropractic office in New Albany.


5 Months

First dip in the swimming pool, first trip to the Lake, first tine digging in the sand!


6 Months

Jack can sit by himself,  had his first try at solids, avocado then banana and sweet potatoes; Jack can sit by himself


7 Months

Trying more new foods, Crawling, standing, climbed up several stairs, talking: dad,dad,dad, eyes start changing from blue to hazel brown


8 Months

First go at foods other than fruits and veggies:  yogurt, egg yoke, and chicken; consistently eating 2 solid meals per day, starting to let go when standing, walking along the couch, and learned how to escape from his swing like Houdini! He is exploring more sounds “tatata”, can open dresser drawers and take out dady’s clothes, is getting into cabinets, loves to make a b-line for cat food and litter boxes, and mom’s first weekend away from Jack, (Aunt Angie’s bachelorette party in Las Vegas) and dad’s first weekend alone with Jack. 

 9 Months

Maybe the first tooth will be in store for Jack?  Jack saw his midwife today who allowed us to take some firewood.  He was intrigued and wanted to crawl toward mom’s fire.  He has been trying out some more new sounds today “Ca” and “Ga” and “La” but still no “mom”. 


9Mo & Ready for Breakfast

9Mo & Ready for BreakfastJackJack

Sleepy Jack and Handsom Dad ready to visit the nursing home
Sleepy Jack and Handsom Dad ready to visit the nursing home


Jack's Favorite Toy



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