Pumping On The Road Again: Portland Bound

Today I left for a weekend chiropractic seminar in Portland, OR.  A lot of pumping is also in store for me with another weekend away from my nursing baby!  This should be the last separation for a while and I’m elated about that!  I miss my baby and hubby already!  I left early and stopped in Minneapolis, where I am sitting now killing time until I depart to Portland.  I’m glad Minneapolis is not my final destination… as soon as we landed I looked out and it was very gray and dreary out my window.  I do love Minnesota, the land of 10,000 Lakes, in the spring and summer but it doesn’t seem very pleasant this time of year.  As for the pumping, right now I am debating weather to pump before my flight leaves 10:25 ET or to wait and pump on the plane closer to Jack’s typical mealtime 11-noonish.


Here is 9-month-old Jack’s typical schedule – with typical being relative.  “Typical” can very widely from day to day.  We have been trying to move Jack a little more in the direction of having a general schedule vs. previously having no schedule at all!  It has been putting a toll on Greg and I, and I think Jack too.  Hopefully this will also help with his sleeping (still not sleeping through the night)… but that could be another blog for another day.  So back to the schedule:


5:00am-7:00ish – Wake up and nurse and play


8:00am-8:30ish – solid meal then more playing – usually plain organic yogurt with fruit, veggies, and a vitamin D drop (sun isn’t shinning much these days in the Midwest.


9:30am-11:00ish – down for a nap somewhere during this time – some days 30 min. some days 1 hour


10:30am – noon-ish – Upon waking from nap – nursing


About 1 hr after nursing – 2nd Solid meal, and playing, then off to our Chiropractic Office in New Albany, OH.


1:30-4:00ish – here’s where the “typical” gets wider and wider – down for nap #2 – usually 30-90 min., then playing


2:00pm-8:00pm-ish???Nursing 1-2 more times, playing, and heading home from the office and dinner for mom and dad – not necessarily in that order


8:00-9:30pm-ish  – (our new attempt at a nighttime schedule) Nursing, bath or baby massage, reading books, singing and rocking, prayers and bed.

After 9:30 – exhausted mom and dad watch some TV, read, study, blog, knit, build a fire, or more often, just go straight to bed. 

Late night – occasional nursing, but rarely will allow him to nurse after 1am.  Lately he has been doing better about not getting a late night nursing, unless we are too tired to put energy into getting him back to sleep if he wakes.


Back to the pumping decision… Reflecting back on my experience pumping in Vegas, which you can read more about here, it was o.k.  One thing I noticed during that trip, is the further into my trip I was, the more I had to pump.  The more I pumped the more milk I produced.  I wasn’t too worried about it then because I knew I needed a milk supply to take home with me and replace the stores Jack used for my upcoming Portland trip.  This time around I’d like to try and prevent the increased milk production beyond what Jack needs.  So I will try to space out my pumping a much as possible while still making sure I get at least 5 sessions in a day and, that I don’t get mastitis from engorgement, which I am very prone to.   I know there are pumping, working or traveling moms out there who are desperately worried about diminishing their supply.  Thankfully I don’t have that worry, but pumping isn’t without its obstacles.   Pumping on the plane to and from Vegas was a pleasant experience.  I sat next to two ladies who were very respectful and inquisitive.  They shared stories of when their children were babies and how pumps have come a long way from when they were moms.  I enjoyed talking to them and was glad that I could relax and feel comfortable with pumping in such a small and public place.


Sooo anyway, I decided to wait and pump on the plane.


Due to no free internet at the Minneapolis airport (bummer!) I’ll be posting this later.


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