Portland Wrap-up

I arrived home from Portland Monday late afternoon.  So here’s a re-cap…
Mt. Hood

Mt. Hood

My pumping adventure continued on the plane – it was uneventful, then again at Cincy’s house after she picked me up from the airport.  It was a scenic 15 min. drive to her house, which she shares with 3 roommates.  I saw my first glance at Mt. Hood, which was AMAZING!!  I love the mountains.  They look so majestic and strong.  I was very grateful that Cincy was able to pick me up and share her home with me this weekend.

Cincy had to leave for work as a pharmacist shortly after she picked me up.  So I decided to spend FridayDowntown afternoon exploring downtown Portland.  I attempted to get some info online about the public transportation routs into downtown however my computer kept giving me the blue screen of death over and over again (I thought I had this thing finally fixed, it is possessed!) so I gave up and ventured outside on my own.  Cincy gave me a brief depiction of the area before she left, but due to my poor sense of direction and after walking for about 10 min and feeling lost I back tracked to the Fred Meyer’s Grocery store to ask for direction.  An employee in the store told me which Tri Met bus would take me downtown and mentioned that the Max train offers free transportation from there.  I made it downtown after entertaining the bus driver by the fact that I had never been on a city bus (except once in Columbus, OH 9 yrs ago). 


Pioneer Square

Pioneer Square

I walked around Pioneer Square (considered the 4th best public space in the world!) and went to the visitor’s center to get info on bus service to and from my seminar.  The woman at the counter was very friendly and helpful.  Downtown was nice, clean, and pedestrian friendly however, I have had an opportunity to see many great downtowns in the country but not many mountains!  So I asked woman where was the best place in town to get a great view of the mountains.  She suggested the Japanese and Rose Gardens and gave me tips on how to get there.

 starbucksI needed to pump before venturing out to the gardens so, after looking around and realizing there wasn’t a private space to sit, I decided to find a quiet table at Starbucks and that worked well.   I then grabbed a slice of pizza at Pizzicato and made my way to the Japanese garden.  After several hours, of walking, waiting, riding, and asking Portlanders to point me in the right direction I finally arrived at the Japanese Garden.  BUT, it was closed!  I didn’t even think about the hours before I headed out there.  I was able to walk around the Rose Garden and finally found a great view of Mt. Hood, what I was after all along!  I only had 20 min. before I had to hurry back to the bus stop so I wouldn’t miss the last bus of the night!  I finally made it back to Cincy’s house Friday night and I was exhausted!!  I was up at 4:30 am ET and it was 9pm PT!  I had a great day, saw Portland downtown, some gorgeous snow top mountains, and met some exceptionally friendly people who helped me find my way!   It was time to hit the sheets before my seminar in the morning.   

Mt. Hood

Rose Garden

portland-08-003My seminar, located at Western States Chiropractic College, went well.  I learned some valuable tools that will benefit many patients.  I took the bus on in the morning Saturday but Cincy was able to drive me home.  We had dinner at the Kenned School, part of the McMenamins chain.  It was a school turned into entertainment facility with several restaurants, hotel rooms, a cigar room, pool, bar, and a large space for weddings and party’s.  It was an interesting, all-in-one hot spot.  We ate in the Boiler room which was really neat!  On Sunday a woman I met at the seminar offered to pick me up on Sunday, which was wonderful!  On Sunday evening after my seminar was complete, Cincy and I went out to eat at a great Tai restaurant within walking distance.  I think it’s so nice that she can walk to the grocery, restaurants, shops and boutiques, and has access to public transportation throughout the city.  I see why Portland is one of the most Green Cities in the country.  I also learned that they don’t fluorinate their water, which is super cool!  Learn more about how Portland is a Leader in Green cities here

Me and Cincy, Can you tell I haden't adjusted to west coast time, my eyes are so tired here!

Me and Cincy

I definately enjoyed my trip to Portland, but I was glad to be heading home on Monday.  I missed Greg and Jack a lot!  I would love to go back to Portland some day on a family trip and spend more time exploring the nature and wildlife Portland and the nothwest has to offer!


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    Linda said,

    My son has lived in Portland for many years and could have answered all your questions about the city, transportation system, and best places to go, but it sounds like you discovered them on your own! He took me to the Rose Garden when I was there. Billy teaches Spanish in several colleges there. Glad you have a successful trip but, once again, we welcome you back home!

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