Food, Fever, & Healthy Turkey Day Tips!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!  I’m looking forward to the 4 day weekend and time with family!  Greg, Jack and I will be heading starting our day in Botkins with Greg’s family then we will finish the day at my parents.  I hope the day won’t be too crazy.  The rest of the weekend will be spent relaxing, visiting more family and some office cleaning. 


This week has flown by!  Jack had 2 first’s this week, but not the kind I was looking forward to.  On Monday afternoon he threw up for the first time ever and then he got his first fever L.  It all started very abruptly out of the blue.  He became very sluggish and extra cuddly.  He wasn’t his perky, goofy, happy-Jack self.  I made sure to nurse him often and kept up on my vitamins and hydration so it would filter down to Jack.  I took some extra vitamin C and Echinacea too.  His fever peaked Monday night and slowly declined through the day Tuesday.  He was back to normal thankfully on Wednesday.  It was not a fun experience and I don’t look forward to the next time.  I am glad he got better quickly though. 


Tips on having a healthier thanksgiving:

  1. Choose a variety of colors on your plate – don’t forget red, orange and green!
  2. Portion Control – smaller portions spaced out throughout the day is better than one mile-high plate of food.
  3. Pass on the rolls – besides being pro-inflammatory, there are too many other yummy choices on Turkey Day!
  4. Try water instead of pop
  5. Hold the whip cream on the pumpkin pie
  6. Participate in a local Turkey Trot walk/run before the big meal
  7. Go for a walk or play some flag football after the big meal



Happy Turkey Day!


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