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Pregnancy: Month 6 (10/07)

One thing I forgot to mention last month… I don’t know how I forgot such a memorable moment.  Last month was the first time we heard Baby “J”’s Heartbeat!  Because we were living in Florida until month 5, we were corresponding with the midwives via email in lieu of appointments.  Once we were back in Ohio we were both really looking forward to that first appointment.  The moment we first heard the heartbeat was blissful!  My heart smiled a huge grin.  I just thought, “Wow, that’s our baby, our real live, growing baby in there.”  The whole pregnancy had been so surreal for me, and little by little everything was becoming more real.  This day I took a giant step into reality and it was a happy, exciting step!

24 wks

24 wks

Month 6 was a pretty low key month.  Nausea is now long gone, belly and baby are growing steadily and extreme fatigue and discomfort haven’t set in yet.  Greg and I had settled into our internships and our new home in Columbus.  We were enjoying our first fall back in Ohio.  We picked out a pumpkin and some fresh apples and apple butter from Lynd’s Fruit Farm in New Albany, OH.  We made it to at least one of Sister-in-law Lindsay’s football games where she twirled the baton as a majorette.  Catching up on the pregnancy… movement was definitely on the rise this month.  Baby “J” was using my right rib cage as a punching bag daily!  He was working on building legs of steel!  Hicc-ups were also becoming more noticeable.  Greg could even see my belly jump!  We also were playing more music for baby “J” this month.  Early in the pregnancy we bought “The First Sounds Deluxe Prenatal Gift Set”.  It looked like a wonderful gadget, boasting the ability to listen to your baby’s movements and heartbeat.  What a Joke!  We pulled out our baby listener every month up to our due date and never heard our baby.  All I heard was static and maybe some bowel sounds.  We did enjoy playing soothing music to baby “J” with the hopes that he would recognize and be soothed by the same sounds after birth, however this could have been done just as well with any CD or mp3 player and some headphones.

26 wks

26 wks





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Greener Future Friday: Homemade Lip Balm

I received a homemade lip balm kit for Christmas and just made it this week.  It was a lot of fun and I liked the idea of making my own skin care products!  The kit I received is from “The Crafty Beavers”.  The kit came with beeswax, peppermint essential oil and 2 containers.  I mixed the contained ingredients lip-balmwith olive oil and heated it in a double boiler.  It was super simple and fast to make.  My only complaint is that there was not room for all of the lip balm in the containers that came with the kit.  A larger or extra jar would have been nice.  Other than that it worked great.  I have shared the lip balm with my husband and Jack and they both think it’s great. 

I think the kit was great but not necessary.  Here are a few websites I found with simple recipes for homemade lip balm! 

I like that both of them include a vitamin E capsule broken and added to the mixture!

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Teething: What works and what doesn’t for us

Jack has been back on the teething train again the past few days.  His left upper gum is bulging like a 9-month pregnant belly!  This will be his 4th tooth and 2nd upper tooth.  The uppers are not my favorite.  He typically has a worse time with the runny nose due to the close proximity of the maxillary sinus to the gums.  He also has picked up a little cough, I’m sure due to all of the drainage.  He had a fever for about 12 hrs on Monday but luckily it hasn’t come back.  Every morning I get up hoping the tooth has made its appearance and it will all be over… until the next one, but it is still not quite showing it’s pearly white face.  I wish all his teeth would come at once and then the teething experience would be over!  It’s no fun seeing my little guy unhappy.


So when it comes to teething this is what works and what doesn’t for us – so far.


Not so great

            – Teething rings

– Teething jell


Works pretty well

            – Ice in a mesh bag

            – Cold spoon

            Vibrating Teether

            RaZberry Teether


Jack’s Favorite

         Frozen grapes, cherries or other fruit in a mesh bag


If any of you moms out there have any teething tips, please comment and share!!


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Wordless Wednesday

Giggles are Great!

Giggles are Great!

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Pregnancy Month 5: Finally a Baby Bump!… and the BIG Move!

(09/2007) 20 wks

(09/2007) 20 wks

During my 5th Month of Pregnancy I was excited to finally be showing a little baby bump!  I was glad to be slowly moving beyond that weird stage where you just feel fat and not pregnant.  I felt like everyone walking by me just thought I was packing on some extra pounds but it was finally becoming obvious that those were baby pounds!   Baby “J” continued moving and kicking more often and the nausea was finally subsiding!  That was a huge relief.  While I never actually threw up, I felt like it all the time and sometimes I wished I could have just thrown up to feel better.  So I was so grateful when the queasiness was gone!


Also toward the end of my 5th month, September 2007 we made the big move to Ohio.  At this point we had been in Florida for 3 years.  3 Years of Chiropractic school (3.5 by graduation), 3 Years of sun, warm winters, beaches, ocean, palm trees, yummy, local pineapple-oranges and fresh seafood…. AND 3 years of hot, hot, hot summers, really the never-ending summer, sweating just walking to the car, homework, termites, fire aunts, hurricanes, motorcycles, rednecks, NASCAR racing, and 15 hour long drives to see family.  Being September, months into the hot 90+ degree weather and no break in sight, it was the perfect time to move back to Ohio, just in time for fall.  I love summer and I love warm, but I hate Hot!  I had also missed the fall so I was looking forward to colorful leaves, pumpkin patches and corn mazes!  Although we were moving back to Ohio, our school wasn’t finished.  We had the option to do our last quarter as an externship at the location of our choice.  Greg and I chose to move back to Columbus where we planed to eventually open our own chiropractic office.  Also, we were glad to be closer to family with our baby on the way.  We rented an ABF moving truck for the move.  That worked great because it was affordable and they drive the truck for you, we just had to pack it.  Greg did most of the loading; he didn’t want me lifting heavy objects, although I thought I was more than capable.  I guess it was safer that way with the baby and hot temperatures.  We arrived in Ohio and started our externships a few days later!

Moving Day

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Monday for Moms: Christmas Shopping Re-cap: Safe & Natural Toys!

recycling-truckChristmas shopping was more fun this year.  Last year we were picking out baby supplies such as strollers, breast pumps and newborn essentials, but this year we got to shop for TOYS!  Daddy especially enjoyed this! 



We did our best to choose safe and natural toys without chemicals and plastics.  I am a big advocate of wooden, cloth, and non-toxic toys, especially for babies who put everything in their mouths.  In a perfect world I would use exclusively wooden and cloth toys.  However, it was tough to avoid the chemicals entirely because wooden toys, while high quality and long lasting, can also be very pricey!  So we did some wooden and cloth toys and a few others too. 

push-toyHere is a great website to check the safety of toys.  I used this as a resource during my Christmas shopping.  Some of my favorite toys Jack got for Christmas were wooden puzzles and nesting blocks, several wooden cars (including a recycling truck), a wooden tow truck and garbage truck that came in a kit and Greg enjoyed putting together, a wooden push toys, and a cloth bowling set and tool box with tools.  He also got a great baby sign language book with flash cards!


Here are a few of my favorite toy companies, many of which I found at Columbus, Ohio’s local natural familiy store, Sprout Soup.


         Melissa & Doug

         Plan Toys

         Holgate Toys

         Maple Landmak and their sub-group:  Montgomery School House


I hope this is helpful information for those opting for more natural, green, toxin free toys!

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Christmas Wrap-up


dscn0944_edited-11It’s been a while since my last posting, so here’s an update on Jack’s 1st Christmas!  First of all, I had to mention that it was impossible to find a “baby’s first Christmas” outfit for a baby wearing 12-18mo clothes, but we made due with some green and red. 

 Christmas 2008 on the positive side, it was a nice first Christmas for Jackdscn0947_edited-12

and our family.  We enjoyed

visiting with relatives and friends at various parties.  The CHOICE Christmas party was great because Jack, Greg and I met other parents and baby’s born (mostly at home) by the Choice Midwives.  I met some really nice moms and plan to attend the CHOICE parent/play group on Tuesdays.  I enjoyed watching our family dance and hug and play with Jack, especially Aunt Angie and Aunt “Coco” Erica, who live in Atlanta and L.A. respectively.  I also enjoyed watching and helping Jack open presents.  He loooves paper so he dove right in to the wrapping paper… and of course tried to eat it.  He got some adorable and fun toys from his grandparents and aunts and uncles! 


Christmas 2008 on the down side, right around Christmas… I think after our 4th party (we need to cut back next year) Jack got a fever which lasted on and off for 2 weeks.  He was very sluggish and tired and had a drippy nose.  He also wanted nothing to do with anything solid, so it was back to almost exclusive breastfeeding and the lovely, mushy poop that goes along with it.  I had been spoiled with solid poop, which, when using cloth diapers is much easier to clean (I hope you don’t mind I’m talking about poop!).  His fever went down after a week then shot back up again, as high as 103 at one point, which is still safe for a baby.  But after about 10-12 days I broke down and gave Jack some baby Tylenol.  He just seemed so uncomfortable and pitiful and the fever showed no sign of letting up.  The Tylenol seemed to help and within 2 days he was back to his squirmy, wormy, happy, busy self.  This was a very difficult choice for me.  It was the first time in Jacks life that he had medication of any kind.  I just hate the idea of putting anything chemical and artificial in his system.  I was a little sad that I gave him the meds, but when he started acting himself I was relieved and didn’t feel so bad.  At the time all of this was going on I was sure Jack had some type of virus or bacteria but now I think I was wrong.  After his fever broke his 1st upper tooth showed its face!  My mom said my sisters and I always had “flu” type symptoms when our teeth came in.  I think this is especially true for the upper teeth due to the close proximity to sinuses and the fact that the upper jaw is part of the skull bones, compared to movable mandible bone, which incase the lower teeth.  I am relieved that Jack is still bacteria/virus/infection free at almost one year.  I don’t like this teething stuff!  I hope future teeth make a gentler, quiet presence than these first few!



 Stay tuned for my next post very soon.  It will be a re-cap of my chirstmas shopping for safe and natural toys!


Warm wishes,

Dr. Heather


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