Monday for Moms: Christmas Shopping Re-cap: Safe & Natural Toys!

recycling-truckChristmas shopping was more fun this year.  Last year we were picking out baby supplies such as strollers, breast pumps and newborn essentials, but this year we got to shop for TOYS!  Daddy especially enjoyed this! 



We did our best to choose safe and natural toys without chemicals and plastics.  I am a big advocate of wooden, cloth, and non-toxic toys, especially for babies who put everything in their mouths.  In a perfect world I would use exclusively wooden and cloth toys.  However, it was tough to avoid the chemicals entirely because wooden toys, while high quality and long lasting, can also be very pricey!  So we did some wooden and cloth toys and a few others too. 

push-toyHere is a great website to check the safety of toys.  I used this as a resource during my Christmas shopping.  Some of my favorite toys Jack got for Christmas were wooden puzzles and nesting blocks, several wooden cars (including a recycling truck), a wooden tow truck and garbage truck that came in a kit and Greg enjoyed putting together, a wooden push toys, and a cloth bowling set and tool box with tools.  He also got a great baby sign language book with flash cards!


Here are a few of my favorite toy companies, many of which I found at Columbus, Ohio’s local natural familiy store, Sprout Soup.


         Melissa & Doug

         Plan Toys

         Holgate Toys

         Maple Landmak and their sub-group:  Montgomery School House


I hope this is helpful information for those opting for more natural, green, toxin free toys!


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