Pregnancy Month 5: Finally a Baby Bump!… and the BIG Move!

(09/2007) 20 wks

(09/2007) 20 wks

During my 5th Month of Pregnancy I was excited to finally be showing a little baby bump!  I was glad to be slowly moving beyond that weird stage where you just feel fat and not pregnant.  I felt like everyone walking by me just thought I was packing on some extra pounds but it was finally becoming obvious that those were baby pounds!   Baby “J” continued moving and kicking more often and the nausea was finally subsiding!  That was a huge relief.  While I never actually threw up, I felt like it all the time and sometimes I wished I could have just thrown up to feel better.  So I was so grateful when the queasiness was gone!


Also toward the end of my 5th month, September 2007 we made the big move to Ohio.  At this point we had been in Florida for 3 years.  3 Years of Chiropractic school (3.5 by graduation), 3 Years of sun, warm winters, beaches, ocean, palm trees, yummy, local pineapple-oranges and fresh seafood…. AND 3 years of hot, hot, hot summers, really the never-ending summer, sweating just walking to the car, homework, termites, fire aunts, hurricanes, motorcycles, rednecks, NASCAR racing, and 15 hour long drives to see family.  Being September, months into the hot 90+ degree weather and no break in sight, it was the perfect time to move back to Ohio, just in time for fall.  I love summer and I love warm, but I hate Hot!  I had also missed the fall so I was looking forward to colorful leaves, pumpkin patches and corn mazes!  Although we were moving back to Ohio, our school wasn’t finished.  We had the option to do our last quarter as an externship at the location of our choice.  Greg and I chose to move back to Columbus where we planed to eventually open our own chiropractic office.  Also, we were glad to be closer to family with our baby on the way.  We rented an ABF moving truck for the move.  That worked great because it was affordable and they drive the truck for you, we just had to pack it.  Greg did most of the loading; he didn’t want me lifting heavy objects, although I thought I was more than capable.  I guess it was safer that way with the baby and hot temperatures.  We arrived in Ohio and started our externships a few days later!

Moving Day


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    Pregnancy said,

    I can feel your excitement about your pregnancy and being relief with the nausea…during the pregnancy of my cousin it is so hard for me because I am the substitution of her husband to feel the harder part of her pregnancy.

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    peppa pig said,

    really enjoyed reading that thanx a lot

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