Teething: What works and what doesn’t for us

Jack has been back on the teething train again the past few days.  His left upper gum is bulging like a 9-month pregnant belly!  This will be his 4th tooth and 2nd upper tooth.  The uppers are not my favorite.  He typically has a worse time with the runny nose due to the close proximity of the maxillary sinus to the gums.  He also has picked up a little cough, I’m sure due to all of the drainage.  He had a fever for about 12 hrs on Monday but luckily it hasn’t come back.  Every morning I get up hoping the tooth has made its appearance and it will all be over… until the next one, but it is still not quite showing it’s pearly white face.  I wish all his teeth would come at once and then the teething experience would be over!  It’s no fun seeing my little guy unhappy.


So when it comes to teething this is what works and what doesn’t for us – so far.


Not so great

            – Teething rings

– Teething jell


Works pretty well

            – Ice in a mesh bag

            – Cold spoon

            Vibrating Teether

            RaZberry Teether


Jack’s Favorite

         Frozen grapes, cherries or other fruit in a mesh bag


If any of you moms out there have any teething tips, please comment and share!!



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