Pregnancy: Month 6 (10/07)

One thing I forgot to mention last month… I don’t know how I forgot such a memorable moment.  Last month was the first time we heard Baby “J”’s Heartbeat!  Because we were living in Florida until month 5, we were corresponding with the midwives via email in lieu of appointments.  Once we were back in Ohio we were both really looking forward to that first appointment.  The moment we first heard the heartbeat was blissful!  My heart smiled a huge grin.  I just thought, “Wow, that’s our baby, our real live, growing baby in there.”  The whole pregnancy had been so surreal for me, and little by little everything was becoming more real.  This day I took a giant step into reality and it was a happy, exciting step!

24 wks

24 wks

Month 6 was a pretty low key month.  Nausea is now long gone, belly and baby are growing steadily and extreme fatigue and discomfort haven’t set in yet.  Greg and I had settled into our internships and our new home in Columbus.  We were enjoying our first fall back in Ohio.  We picked out a pumpkin and some fresh apples and apple butter from Lynd’s Fruit Farm in New Albany, OH.  We made it to at least one of Sister-in-law Lindsay’s football games where she twirled the baton as a majorette.  Catching up on the pregnancy… movement was definitely on the rise this month.  Baby “J” was using my right rib cage as a punching bag daily!  He was working on building legs of steel!  Hicc-ups were also becoming more noticeable.  Greg could even see my belly jump!  We also were playing more music for baby “J” this month.  Early in the pregnancy we bought “The First Sounds Deluxe Prenatal Gift Set”.  It looked like a wonderful gadget, boasting the ability to listen to your baby’s movements and heartbeat.  What a Joke!  We pulled out our baby listener every month up to our due date and never heard our baby.  All I heard was static and maybe some bowel sounds.  We did enjoy playing soothing music to baby “J” with the hopes that he would recognize and be soothed by the same sounds after birth, however this could have been done just as well with any CD or mp3 player and some headphones.

26 wks

26 wks





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