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Getting Back to Green

seed-starterLately I’ve been posting on family updates but have drifted away from my GREEN tips and treasures.  So This posting is devoted to a hodge podge of GREEN tips, and thoughts and random facts.


  1. Following 20 yrs of warm summers, the spruce bark beetles are thriving in Alaska.  They have chewed up to 4 million acres of spruce trees.

  2. Prvent moths and other bugs from invading your closet by using dried lemon peel.  It’s a natural deterrent and it smells freshlemon

  3. Unplug!  If you’re not using an appliance, save energy by unplugging it. 

  4. Slow down.  It’s more fuel efficient to drive at slower speeds… this is a tough one for me.

  5. “Conservation means development as much as it does protection.”  – Theodore Roosevelt

  6. Start gardening, both indoors and outdoors and get your kids involved too!  Some fruits and vegetables can be potted for year-round consumption.  This is a great time of year to get your indoor starter kits going, as my good friend Molly has done.  Greg has lemon and Calamondin potted trees under florescent lights in our basement that we brought from Florida.  They will be making the transition outdoors soon!calamondin

  7. Top—loading washing machines use 45-50 gallons of water per load.  High-efficiency front-loaders use as little as 13 gallons per load!  Wow, what a difference. 

  8. Rainforests once covered 14% of the earth’s land service and now cover a measly 6%.

  9. The World Health Organization reports that indoor air pollution causes 14 times more deaths than outdoor air pollution (2.8 million lives).

  10.  “Nature is the most thrifty thing in the world; she never wastes anything; she undergoes change, but there’s no annihilation, the essence remains – matter is eternal.”  – Horace Binney


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A BIG Weekend in Review

Saturday Jack took his first step all by himself!!  He has been walking along furnature and holding hands and for a while now.  I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before he’s romping around our home on 2 instead of 4! 


Also on Saturday, Greg and I, along with Greg’s Parents, Clem and Doris, His sister Lindsay and her friend, Susan our staff member, and my high school friend, Julie and her husband, Aaron all participated in the Dublin St. Patrick’s Day 4 miler.  Jack was planning on riding in his jogging stroller but it was a chilly 27deg morning and he has been sniffily and fussy with a few new teeth coming in, so he stayed with JamieLee and her husband who live in Dublin for the morning.  We had a good time at the race despite the cold.  I was wearing 5 shirts, 2 pairs of pants and one pair of shorts, and I was pretty comfortable in that.  Can you tell I’m not one for the cold!  Susan, in her one long sleeve shirt thought I was crazy.  Overall it was a fun race.  Greg and I both beat our goal times and Susan got a PR, she’s a running rock star!  I think everyone had a great time.  I look forward to the next race. 


Sunday I spent the afternoon at Caribou Coffee shop, one of my favorite places, studying for my Sports Chiropractic Certification.  Its getting down to the wire with one month before the test.  I’m a bit nervous about finding enough time to study.  Hopefully I can pull it off.


Also on Sunday Greg put together a new TV stand, something that was long overdue for updating.  Our previous stand had several shelves to place decorative items, which looked great until Jack pulled everything off daily!  Our new system has lots of storage which is great for Jack’s toys which were overtaking the living room floor.  I’m happy with our new set-up.


The weather was much milder on Sunday than Saturday so we took advantage and grilled out for dinner.  I love grilling!  It makes me feel like summer is just around the corner, my favorite season!


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Jack’s Birthday Celebration!

first-birthday-0281Jack turned the big O-N-E on February 9, 2009.  He has had 3 fabulous birthday celebrations to reflect on and share.  Wow, it really is hard to believe the first year is over and it flew by!  Every day has brought new experiences, fun, memorable moments, challenges and rewards.  Our life will never be the same and we wouldn’t change it for the world.  Jack means everything to Greg and I and has brought new meaning to our lives.  We love our little buddy and look forward to every new day with him. 





We celebrated Jack’s Birthday first on February 8th with Greg’s Family in Harpster, OH.  It was great fun.  He tasted his first cake and ice cream.  This was hard for me.  I’m am very particular about what I will let Jack eat, but I figured it’s his only 1 yr birthday party and how much cake would actually make it in his mouth anyway.  I predicted he would mostly just squish the cake in his hands, like he does with a lot of his food. 

The cake was homemade by first-birthday-035Grandma P and Cousin Reese.  Grandma even used applesauce instead of oil, which was very thoughtful and considerate of me and my pickiness regarding Jack’s food.

It was fun to watch, I was pretty proud of my little guy.  At first he wanted nothing to do with the cake.  He just stared at the cake and at everyone standing there watching him.  Aunt Allison was pretty disappointed in his reaction.  She loves to lovingly taunt me and my food quarks. 

first-birthday-037Aunt Allison helped him put his fingers on the cake and he slowly felt it out with one hand.  And still wasn’t to interested and was wondering why everyone was standing around watching.  With help he got the other hand out and began squishing away.  Aunt Allison helped a little piece of cake and icing to his mouth and he make quite a face of disgust!  That’s my boy, such a smart guy to know that sugar isn’t good for him.  I was proud!  Everyone else was a little disappointed. 

first-birthday-042 He spent the rest of the time squishing away as predicted, and tossing chunks of cake to the floor.  Overall it was a slow start but he dug in by the end.  He also tasted a touch of ice cream, of course by Aunt Allison.  

Jack had fun the rest of the afternoon opening some fun presents and playing with cousins Reese and Wes.  The highlight of the day were the balloons Aunt Allison brought.  All 3 kids were very entertained the entire afternoon by Jack’s birthday balloons.


first-birthday-057The next day, Jack’s true birthday, we celebrated in the office with cup cakes for our staff and patients, and free chiropractic visits for all children getting adjusted that week in honor of Jack’s Birthday.  We had lots of fun decorations up and the patients seemed to enjoy it.  We even had a few who purposely scheduled on Monday to get a cup cake!

first-birthday-088Jack’s third birthday party was last weekend.  We had planed the party with my parents the same weekend as Greg’s parents but they got sick and weren’t up to visitors.  We re-scheduled for a time that my sister, Angie, living in Atlanta could make.  It was a fun party.  Grandpa Steve put together a “fort” of decorations above the high chair, his birthday throne.  Grandma picked out a great looking sporty cake and he received lots of fun wooden toys and some cute outfits.  Aunt Gail, Uncle Brian, and Aunt Bee also were there for the celebration. 

first-birthday-098Jack again, just stared at the cake for a while but there were plenty of hands just waiting to jump in to encourage him to dive into the cake.  It wasn’t long before he was squishing and throwing and everyone was enjoying it. 


It’s hard to believe Jack’s 1st year has come and gone.  We look forward to every new day with our Jack.


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Jack’s New Ride

We were looking for a stroller that would work well for a long, (potentially) fast run or for a leisurely walk on an off-road trail.  So a fast and all-terrain vehicle!


What we researched/wanted:

          Wheel size:  16” or 20” is best for jogging/running

          Fixed front wheel:  This is important for stability at higher speeds. 

          Stroller Weight:  The lighter the better!

          Safety:  a no-brainer

          Ability to fit into our trunk:  A must!

          Recline:  important for use with a younger baby

          Reviews:  A lot of good ones

          Price:  Lets not let it get out of control, but we want quality, reliability, and a good reputation

          Weight Capacity:  We want this stroller to last until Jack can keep up on his own bike!


Strollers that met most or all of our criteria:

          Schwinn – not great reviews


          Baby Jogger Performance – significantly more expensive (over $400) with equivalent reviews to the BOB’s, 20” wheels likely wouldn’t fit in trunk


          BOB Ironman – 16” x 1.5” light, thin tires, awesome for running, not meant for all-terrain but probably would do alright off-road ($350)


          BOB SUS D’Lux –light but not as rugged aluminum 16”x2” wheels ($350)


          BOB SUS – 16” x 2” wheels with high impact composite polymer rims, good for running and off road, 1 lb heavier than D’Lux ($300)


During my research with Greg we looked at a lot of reviews and specs.  We found very helpful information on and some great reviews on  We also checked out the company websites  I’ll cut to the chase.  We chose the BOB SUS Jogging Stroller for its high ratings and ability to excel for running both on and off-road, and for it’s more affordable price. 


Jack had a Great Ride

Jack had a Great Ride


Sleeping Baby

Sleeping Baby

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I Never Thought I’d Get One of These!

Lately I have been getting back into running, thanks to my new employee Susan. I have been wanting to get more involved with local races, I think it makes training more fun and I love getting free shirts and medals! Well I hadn’t been running consistently due to the cold weather ( I was doing more weight/circuit training), but somehow Susan talked me into my first race in a long time, the Fantastic Frigid 5k, a series of 2 5k’s in January sponsored by Columbus Running Company. I don’t know what I was thinking, I hate the cold! I can handle 40’s ok, but the 1st 5k was freeeeeeezing – 9 deg, colder with the wind chill. That weekend was a record cold day for Columbus, the coldest in decades! The 2nd race also lived up to the “frigid” title. There was probably a foot of snow on the entire trail; it was like running through the soft sand on the beach. After the race many competitors were joking about it being their record slowest time! It was definitely an experience. I just have to say thank goodness for Yak Trax! Despite my complaining I did have a good time and I was glad I finally got myself back into the racing crowd. I am looking forward to more racing! My next race is the Dublin St. Patrick’s Day 4 miler.  I am hoping for milder conditions!

So, let me get back to my actual topic for this posting…Jogging Strollers! I never had any interest in a jogging stroller in the past. I thought, if I want to do a workout then I want to do a workout – focused with out distractions of something to push or a potential crying baby. But I started re-thinking this after getting motivated to run again. It has been challenging to find time to get in solid workouts with work and Jack. Recently a friend was raving to me about how nice it is to have her jogging stroller so she can do a run anytime she wants. I picked her brain about some of my concerns. Jack to date has not tolerated long stroller rides; however Shelly mentioned that her children enjoy the faster speed of the jogging stroller much more than traditional strollers and that she had no problem getting in a solid run. She said the key was to have a good quality stroller with a stationary front wheel for a smooth ride. After this encouraging conversation I was actually excited about the idea of running with Jack. So I began researching Jogging strollers. And to my delight, Greg’s parents offered to get us a stroller for Jack’s birthday! Stay tuned for my next post on the results of my Jogging Stroller research and the winning stroller we chose! I will also be posting on Jack’s birthday after the weekend.

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Pregnancy Month 7 (11/07)

Month 7

Month 7

This was a busy month for our family.  We had been researching our options for birthing classes and decided on the HypnoBirthing class.  During our research we knew we didn’t want the traditional Lamaze classes.  We were considering Bradley Classes for a while but after reading books on both Bradley and Hypno, I felt more comfortable with the Hypno philosophy.  I think either would have been great choices though.  We started our class this month and it really made me excited for the birth.  I loved that our instructor, Sharon Gourlay of Sacred Beginning came to our home each session.  It couldn’t have been more convenient!  It definitely made it feel like it was not to far way.  The classes were interesting and relaxing.   




Sleep was becoming more uncomfortable.  I was starting to wake during the night to switch positions – which my options were becoming limited.  It was pretty much right side vs. left side!  I was also noticing that I needed more bathroom breaks throughout the day.  I could tell baby J was definitely growing.  At my monthly appointment with the midwives, they started to notice slight swelling in my ankles.  That made me nervous at first but they told me that as I get closer to the due date, increased swelling was normal and necessary.  They told me that the swelling helps the body deal with the fluid loss during birth and that shortly after birth the swelling should be gone and that made me feel better.  When it comes to health, I’m a perfectionist and that really annoyed me at first that I had swelling, but Abby, Kelly, and Jill were great at reassuring my concerns. 


One more note on month 7… This month was one of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving.  It was more enjoyable this year than past years because I didn’t feel guilty for having a little extra on my plate, since I was “eating for two!”


Green Tip:  Instead of using chemical-filled air freshners, brew a strong pot of coffee or bake some homeade cinnamon rolls, or peel a fresh orange!


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Family News: A lot has happened since my last post. Most importantly was Jack’s 1st Birthday on February 9th, followed by Daddy’s 29th Birthday February 23rd. I will devote a full posting to Jack’s birthday pretty soon. I still can’t believe my baby is one! Also noteworthy, Jack’s 4th tooth (2nd upper tooth) finally came in! He is now working on two more uppers. We are thinking about getting his hair cut soon too… another big decision for me. I don’t know why, but it’s just another one of those things that I want to put off because it makes me feel like he’s growing up. I know he is only 1, but he’s my baby and I don’t want him to grow up yet, not even to graduate to hair cuts! But the lady’s in the nursing home, where we do ministry to the sick are starting to confuse him for a girl (I didn’t tell Greg that one or he might pull out the scissors himself!).

Chiropractic News: We know have 2 new, energetic, health enthusiastic employees at Ohio Family & Sports Chiropractic. JamieLee is our Marketing director/Outreach coordinator and AM receptionist. She has been a fantastic addition so far. Her energy and excitement for Chiropractic and our office is really going to make a difference and already has in her first few weeks. Susan, our PM receptionist has also been a wonderful asset to our office. No one is more dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle than Susan and her passion for health rubs off on those around her. We have also been doing some re-decorating in the office. We have added a more personal touch with some of our own athletic photos and accomplishments while making the colors, sights, sounds and smells in the office more relaxing and warm.
I have also finished my Certified Sports Chiropractic Physician class and will be studying for my test in April. I am a little nervous about having enough time to get good quality studying done with our new business and energetic 1 yr old, but I hope I can pull it off. I definitely have a new respect for all moms or dads out there who are in school with a child at home.

Green Thought of The Day: “We have a responsibility to sustain – if not enhance – our natural environment and our nation’s economy for future generations.”
– Steve Johnson, Administrator, U.S. EPA

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