Pregnancy Month 7 (11/07)

Month 7

Month 7

This was a busy month for our family.  We had been researching our options for birthing classes and decided on the HypnoBirthing class.  During our research we knew we didn’t want the traditional Lamaze classes.  We were considering Bradley Classes for a while but after reading books on both Bradley and Hypno, I felt more comfortable with the Hypno philosophy.  I think either would have been great choices though.  We started our class this month and it really made me excited for the birth.  I loved that our instructor, Sharon Gourlay of Sacred Beginning came to our home each session.  It couldn’t have been more convenient!  It definitely made it feel like it was not to far way.  The classes were interesting and relaxing.   




Sleep was becoming more uncomfortable.  I was starting to wake during the night to switch positions – which my options were becoming limited.  It was pretty much right side vs. left side!  I was also noticing that I needed more bathroom breaks throughout the day.  I could tell baby J was definitely growing.  At my monthly appointment with the midwives, they started to notice slight swelling in my ankles.  That made me nervous at first but they told me that as I get closer to the due date, increased swelling was normal and necessary.  They told me that the swelling helps the body deal with the fluid loss during birth and that shortly after birth the swelling should be gone and that made me feel better.  When it comes to health, I’m a perfectionist and that really annoyed me at first that I had swelling, but Abby, Kelly, and Jill were great at reassuring my concerns. 


One more note on month 7… This month was one of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving.  It was more enjoyable this year than past years because I didn’t feel guilty for having a little extra on my plate, since I was “eating for two!”


Green Tip:  Instead of using chemical-filled air freshners, brew a strong pot of coffee or bake some homeade cinnamon rolls, or peel a fresh orange!



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