I Never Thought I’d Get One of These!

Lately I have been getting back into running, thanks to my new employee Susan. I have been wanting to get more involved with local races, I think it makes training more fun and I love getting free shirts and medals! Well I hadn’t been running consistently due to the cold weather ( I was doing more weight/circuit training), but somehow Susan talked me into my first race in a long time, the Fantastic Frigid 5k, a series of 2 5k’s in January sponsored by Columbus Running Company. I don’t know what I was thinking, I hate the cold! I can handle 40’s ok, but the 1st 5k was freeeeeeezing – 9 deg, colder with the wind chill. That weekend was a record cold day for Columbus, the coldest in decades! The 2nd race also lived up to the “frigid” title. There was probably a foot of snow on the entire trail; it was like running through the soft sand on the beach. After the race many competitors were joking about it being their record slowest time! It was definitely an experience. I just have to say thank goodness for Yak Trax! Despite my complaining I did have a good time and I was glad I finally got myself back into the racing crowd. I am looking forward to more racing! My next race is the Dublin St. Patrick’s Day 4 miler.  I am hoping for milder conditions!

So, let me get back to my actual topic for this posting…Jogging Strollers! I never had any interest in a jogging stroller in the past. I thought, if I want to do a workout then I want to do a workout – focused with out distractions of something to push or a potential crying baby. But I started re-thinking this after getting motivated to run again. It has been challenging to find time to get in solid workouts with work and Jack. Recently a friend was raving to me about how nice it is to have her jogging stroller so she can do a run anytime she wants. I picked her brain about some of my concerns. Jack to date has not tolerated long stroller rides; however Shelly mentioned that her children enjoy the faster speed of the jogging stroller much more than traditional strollers and that she had no problem getting in a solid run. She said the key was to have a good quality stroller with a stationary front wheel for a smooth ride. After this encouraging conversation I was actually excited about the idea of running with Jack. So I began researching Jogging strollers. And to my delight, Greg’s parents offered to get us a stroller for Jack’s birthday! Stay tuned for my next post on the results of my Jogging Stroller research and the winning stroller we chose! I will also be posting on Jack’s birthday after the weekend.


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