Jack’s New Ride

We were looking for a stroller that would work well for a long, (potentially) fast run or for a leisurely walk on an off-road trail.  So a fast and all-terrain vehicle!


What we researched/wanted:

          Wheel size:  16” or 20” is best for jogging/running

          Fixed front wheel:  This is important for stability at higher speeds. 

          Stroller Weight:  The lighter the better!

          Safety:  a no-brainer

          Ability to fit into our trunk:  A must!

          Recline:  important for use with a younger baby

          Reviews:  A lot of good ones

          Price:  Lets not let it get out of control, but we want quality, reliability, and a good reputation

          Weight Capacity:  We want this stroller to last until Jack can keep up on his own bike!


Strollers that met most or all of our criteria:

          Schwinn – not great reviews


          Baby Jogger Performance – significantly more expensive (over $400) with equivalent reviews to the BOB’s, 20” wheels likely wouldn’t fit in trunk


          BOB Ironman – 16” x 1.5” light, thin tires, awesome for running, not meant for all-terrain but probably would do alright off-road ($350)


          BOB SUS D’Lux –light but not as rugged aluminum 16”x2” wheels ($350)


          BOB SUS – 16” x 2” wheels with high impact composite polymer rims, good for running and off road, 1 lb heavier than D’Lux ($300)


During my research with Greg we looked at a lot of reviews and specs.  We found very helpful information on www.joggingstroller.com and some great reviews on www.amazon.com.  We also checked out the company websites www.bobgear.com.  I’ll cut to the chase.  We chose the BOB SUS Jogging Stroller for its high ratings and ability to excel for running both on and off-road, and for it’s more affordable price. 


Jack had a Great Ride

Jack had a Great Ride


Sleeping Baby

Sleeping Baby


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