A BIG Weekend in Review

Saturday Jack took his first step all by himself!!  He has been walking along furnature and holding hands and for a while now.  I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before he’s romping around our home on 2 instead of 4! 


Also on Saturday, Greg and I, along with Greg’s Parents, Clem and Doris, His sister Lindsay and her friend, Susan our staff member, and my high school friend, Julie and her husband, Aaron all participated in the Dublin St. Patrick’s Day 4 miler.  Jack was planning on riding in his jogging stroller but it was a chilly 27deg morning and he has been sniffily and fussy with a few new teeth coming in, so he stayed with JamieLee and her husband who live in Dublin for the morning.  We had a good time at the race despite the cold.  I was wearing 5 shirts, 2 pairs of pants and one pair of shorts, and I was pretty comfortable in that.  Can you tell I’m not one for the cold!  Susan, in her one long sleeve shirt thought I was crazy.  Overall it was a fun race.  Greg and I both beat our goal times and Susan got a PR, she’s a running rock star!  I think everyone had a great time.  I look forward to the next race. 


Sunday I spent the afternoon at Caribou Coffee shop, one of my favorite places, studying for my Sports Chiropractic Certification.  Its getting down to the wire with one month before the test.  I’m a bit nervous about finding enough time to study.  Hopefully I can pull it off.


Also on Sunday Greg put together a new TV stand, something that was long overdue for updating.  Our previous stand had several shelves to place decorative items, which looked great until Jack pulled everything off daily!  Our new system has lots of storage which is great for Jack’s toys which were overtaking the living room floor.  I’m happy with our new set-up.


The weather was much milder on Sunday than Saturday so we took advantage and grilled out for dinner.  I love grilling!  It makes me feel like summer is just around the corner, my favorite season!



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