Jack’s Birthday Celebration!

first-birthday-0281Jack turned the big O-N-E on February 9, 2009.  He has had 3 fabulous birthday celebrations to reflect on and share.  Wow, it really is hard to believe the first year is over and it flew by!  Every day has brought new experiences, fun, memorable moments, challenges and rewards.  Our life will never be the same and we wouldn’t change it for the world.  Jack means everything to Greg and I and has brought new meaning to our lives.  We love our little buddy and look forward to every new day with him. 





We celebrated Jack’s Birthday first on February 8th with Greg’s Family in Harpster, OH.  It was great fun.  He tasted his first cake and ice cream.  This was hard for me.  I’m am very particular about what I will let Jack eat, but I figured it’s his only 1 yr birthday party and how much cake would actually make it in his mouth anyway.  I predicted he would mostly just squish the cake in his hands, like he does with a lot of his food. 

The cake was homemade by first-birthday-035Grandma P and Cousin Reese.  Grandma even used applesauce instead of oil, which was very thoughtful and considerate of me and my pickiness regarding Jack’s food.

It was fun to watch, I was pretty proud of my little guy.  At first he wanted nothing to do with the cake.  He just stared at the cake and at everyone standing there watching him.  Aunt Allison was pretty disappointed in his reaction.  She loves to lovingly taunt me and my food quarks. 

first-birthday-037Aunt Allison helped him put his fingers on the cake and he slowly felt it out with one hand.  And still wasn’t to interested and was wondering why everyone was standing around watching.  With help he got the other hand out and began squishing away.  Aunt Allison helped a little piece of cake and icing to his mouth and he make quite a face of disgust!  That’s my boy, such a smart guy to know that sugar isn’t good for him.  I was proud!  Everyone else was a little disappointed. 

first-birthday-042 He spent the rest of the time squishing away as predicted, and tossing chunks of cake to the floor.  Overall it was a slow start but he dug in by the end.  He also tasted a touch of ice cream, of course by Aunt Allison.  

Jack had fun the rest of the afternoon opening some fun presents and playing with cousins Reese and Wes.  The highlight of the day were the balloons Aunt Allison brought.  All 3 kids were very entertained the entire afternoon by Jack’s birthday balloons.


first-birthday-057The next day, Jack’s true birthday, we celebrated in the office with cup cakes for our staff and patients, and free chiropractic visits for all children getting adjusted that week in honor of Jack’s Birthday.  We had lots of fun decorations up and the patients seemed to enjoy it.  We even had a few who purposely scheduled on Monday to get a cup cake!

first-birthday-088Jack’s third birthday party was last weekend.  We had planed the party with my parents the same weekend as Greg’s parents but they got sick and weren’t up to visitors.  We re-scheduled for a time that my sister, Angie, living in Atlanta could make.  It was a fun party.  Grandpa Steve put together a “fort” of decorations above the high chair, his birthday throne.  Grandma picked out a great looking sporty cake and he received lots of fun wooden toys and some cute outfits.  Aunt Gail, Uncle Brian, and Aunt Bee also were there for the celebration. 

first-birthday-098Jack again, just stared at the cake for a while but there were plenty of hands just waiting to jump in to encourage him to dive into the cake.  It wasn’t long before he was squishing and throwing and everyone was enjoying it. 


It’s hard to believe Jack’s 1st year has come and gone.  We look forward to every new day with our Jack.



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