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Darn that Difficult Diaper Rash

Jack has had a stubborn diaper rash for the past 3 weeks. At times it seems as though it is improving but then it worsens again. We have tried several homemade and store bought diaper creams with none of them completely dissolving the rash.

I probably should have spent more time online researching his rash and other remedies to rid it, but I decided to take the easy rout – pediatrician. Our previous pediatrician I didn’t feel was the best fit for our family so this was a good excuse for me to rekindle my search for the pediatrician right for our family.  We were looking for a doctor who is takes a more natural holistic, conservative approach to health care before reaching for that script pad. Until now, my search has been uneventful and frustrating, which is why I suspended it months back. Well this time it took me no time when performing a google search. Within 5 minutes I found a very intriguing site about a new office in town, Whole Kids Pediatrics.  On her website and in her blogshe talks about her office being very green and Eco-friendly, with toxin free carpet, paint and more.  She also mentioned her understanding and respect for families who choose not to vaccinate – another important quality for us.  So we scheduled an appointment and went yesterday.  It was a positive experience for us. wholekidsblog_header

She was very good with Jack and quickly told us his rash was a yeast infection.  She recommended probiotics and applying yogurt to the rash.  She recommended an OTC as a last resort.  I was happy and comfortable with her action plan for Jack’s stubborn rash.  After our first visit to Whole Kids Pediatrics I plan to continue using them and would recommend them to other Columbus moms who perfer a doctor who takes a more natural approach to their child’s health.  Thanks Dr. Sant! 

*side note – I did some research last night on yeast diaper infections and read from several sources, one helpful blog was,  that apple cider vinegar applied to the rash with a cotton ball and grapefruit seed extract used in cloth diaper laundry is also helpful.


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Wordless Wednesday

Concentrating hard to feed my piggy

Concentrating hard to feed my piggy

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April Showers bring May Flowers

Jack's first hair cut and easter 2009 002Wow, a lot has has changed for our family over the past 2 months.  We searched for a new home and after many hours and tours we found a lovely little country home, with a huge back yard for Jack to run and explore – a wonderful improvement from our townhouse apartment with lots of stairs and therefore baby gates!  We are finally settled (except for 1 room of boxes), after days of plumbing problems, burst pipes, flooded basement- twice, a dug up broken well, and new pipes to city water,  and now finally enjoying our new space.  We have planted a vegetable garden with herbs, tomatoes, spinach, several lettuce’s, beets, carrots, peas, green beans, lots of different squash, pumpkin, watermelon, corn, peppers, green onion, and eggplant (I hope I didn’t forget something)!  Yes, Greg got a little out of control with the tiller, but I didn’t mind to much.  We have so much yard, the garden, despite its size, hardly makes a dent.  Jack just got a kiddie pool which he loves. 

Jack loves his new house – as soon as he set foot in the door, he took of walking, and now running!  Now 100% Mobile!  Hence the extra Jack-proofing we had to do after moving in!  I hope to keep updates, green tips and more coming regularly now.  Stay tuned!

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