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Check us out on our CBS local news

Jack, Greg and I were interviewed by Columbus 10tv about raising our baby Green.  Click to watch!  Look for “Green Baby Products” on the left.


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Getting Started with Cloth Diapers

fuzibunzI love using cloth diapers on Jack.  I first started contemplating cloth diapers before I became pregnant, when I heard a statistic about disposable diapers taking up an astounding about of landfills.   Aproximately  18 billion diapers are added to landfills yearly.  Dirty diapers make up 2- 5 percent of landfills depending on the source.  According to the EPA, it takes the average disposable diaper 500 years to decompose!  No wonder you can smell a landfill from miles away!

The Green Way to Go

I think cloth diapering is definitely the GREEN way to go.  They are better for the environment by not contributing to landfills, where the chemicals in disposables will be absorbed into the ground and eventually water (after 500 years), not to mention the energy costs to produce the large quantity of disposables used in the world today.   You will have to make an initial investment but ultimately they will save you money in the long run, especially if you re-use them on multiple children.  I often here moms complain about having to buy 100’s of dollars in diapers at the grocery on a regular basis.  With cloth you can forget about that weekly expense!

Better for Baby

Babies using cloth diapers are less likely to get a diaper rash.  This is because they are changed more often.  Disposable diapers can hold many urination’s therefore little ones are often sitting, lying, playing, crawling, and walking around in their own urine much longer.  The wetness increases the chances of a diaper rash.  In addition, most disposable diapers are loaded with chlorine and other irritating chemicals which are part of the absorbent gel.  Harsh chemicals such as chlorine shouldn’t be touching your baby’s skin.  There are some companies who make disposable diapers that are chlorine free such as seventh generation and Tushies.  One more tid bit:  cloth diaper babies typially potty train earlier than disposable diaeper babies.  This is in part due to coth diapers being less comfortable for little ones to remain wet.  They learn that it is more comfortable to not sit in a wet diaper.

Getting Daddy on Board

Jack7months 124Some moms have  a challenge when mommy wants to use cloth and daddy doesn’t.   Fortunately I didn’t have that problem.   Neither Greg nor I mind going a little out of our way for the environment or to save money.    Using cloth diapers on you baby really is easy.  For those dad’s who are protesting, cloth diapers now aren’t what they used to be.  Gone are the day’s of pins and prefolds.  Don’t get me wrong, there are many people who absolutely love using prefolds out there.  But for those picky dads (or moms) there has been great strides in the improvement of cloth diapers.  Many brands look just like disposables and have velcro or snap tabs that close as easily as disposables. 

So Many Options – where do I start?

After I became pregnant I began looking into different cloth diaper types.  I used several resources including:  Cloth Diaper Diva, The Diaper Pin and Diaper Jungle.  You can also buy, sell and trade at Diaper Swappers.  Check out Cloth Diaper Blog for cloth diaper sales around the web.  For local shopping in the Columbus, New Albany, and Gahanna area, try out Sprout Soup.  I was a little intimidated by the many different cloth diapers.  I had no idea what a prefold was, or a fitted vs. AIO.  I’m here ease your pain and explain what these different types are, pros and con’s and Jack’s experience with different types.  I also suggest checking out additional cloth diaper reviews online.


These diapers are just like the name,drybeesall-in-one.  One diaper with an inner absorbing layer and outer waterproof covering with velcro or snap closures.  The inner layer is often of fleece or which helps wick the wetness away from baby’s skin.  The outer layer is typically made of PUL (PolyUrethane Laminate), a waterproof material.  An absorbant soaker sewn into the diaper.  AIO’s and AIT’s (below) adjust as the baby grows so you don’t have to buy an entire new inventory of cloth diapers at each stage.  They are the closest to disposables you can get.  Brands:  BumGenius, Bumkins, Swadlebees, DryBees

Pros:  Extremely easy to use

Cons:  Somewhat expensive, difficult to get clean and dry


Just like the all-in-ones but in two pieces.  The absorbent soaker insert is not attached for easier cleaning.  This is nice in case the soaker needs replaced.  Brands:   Bumkins, Swaddelbees,  Rainforest Baby

Pro:  Easier to wash and dry than AIO’s

Con:  More pricey than other cloth diapers

CONTOURkissaluv contour

A fitted diaper (see description below) without the fasteners or elastic at the legs or waist.  A simple design.  Add a doubler for extra absorption and don’t forget the cover!  Brands:  kissaluv

Pros:  Versatility to get the right fit for your baby

Cons:  Tough with a squirmy baby, potential for leakage problems


ClovernewbornfittedFitted diapers are made of an absorbent cloth, shaped like an hour glass with gathers by the legs.  They typically snap closed.  These diapers need a cover.  A doubler can be used to increase absorbency at night.  Brands:  Kissaluv, Happy Heiny’s, Tiny Birds Organic, Mother-Ease

Pro:  Less expensive than AIO’s and AIT’s

Con:  Take a long time to dry, they require a cover, and do not adjust as the baby grows, therefor need a new inventory of diapers.  In the long run, an expensive option. 

FLATSflat diaper

Exactly like the name, they are a flat square, intended to be folded to fit the baby, usually origami style and fastened with a snappie or pins.  They are single layer, 100% cotton material.  They also require a cover.  These are likely the diapers your grandma used. Brands:  Wildflower Diapers, Green Mountain Diapers 

Pro:  inexpensive, versatile, easy to wash and dry

Con:  Need folded and require a cover.


These are similar to AIO’s and AIT’s.  They have a pocket for the absorbent material so that mom and dad (we don’t discriminate) can customize the amount of absorbent material needed for their little one.  Brands:  BumGenius, Bumwear, Happy Heiny’s, Fuzzibunz, wonderoos

Pros:  Easy to wash, dry, customize your adsorbent material,

Cons:  Can be bulky, requires a stuffer, doesn’t adjust as baby grows.


Prefolds consist of a rectangular piece with a middle panel thicker (typically 6-8 layers) and outer thin layers.  They are often made of gauze or birdseye, however there are DSQ diaper service quality also called Chinese Prefolds often made of hemp which are better quality.  Prefolds are intended to be folded and fastened with a snappie (triangular shaped piece with sharp ends to hold diaper in place) or pins.  A cover is needed.  They are easy to wash and fast to dry.  But may be hard with a squirmy baby due to the folding time.  Check out How to Fold a Prefold At Diaper Jungle.  BrandsCloth-eez, gerber

Pros:  Inexpensive, easy to wash and dry

Cons:  May be intimidating at first, require a cover, might be tough with a squirmy baby.

ONE SIZEone size tiny tush

One Size diapers grow with the baby by having extenders.  Several AIO’s and Pocket diapers are One Size.  Brands:  BumGenius, Haute Pocket, Happy Heiny, Tiny Tush

Pros:  This diaper will get your child from infancy to potty trained without needing to buy a larger size.  Economical

Cons:  May look bulky on newborns, can be more expensive than some diapers such as prefolds. 


Covers are needed for fitted, flat, and prefold diapers.  They are usually contoured with elastic at the legs and snap or velcro closed.  They are made of Polyurethane laminates (PUL), waterproof nylon, fleece or wool.  Brands:  Bummis, Happy Heiny, Imse Vimse

Jack Tested Diapers

These descriptions are Jack’s experience with each diaper, it may not be the same for all babies.

(I love the names of all the diapers, so cute and funny!)

AIOAIO homemade

Homemade by a woman’s friend whom I purchased off of craigs list.  These diapers were a go-to diaper if all others were dirty or running small.  Jack tended to pee through them, to his clothes, the second time if we didn’t recognize that he went, but when we were more diligent about observing those things the diapers held up well.  This diaper did not work for bed time.  Just not absorbent enough.  They fit him for a fairly lengthy period, about 3 months to 10 months.  But they were too big when he was younger and he did outgrow them before he turned one.  They were easy to launder except that they took a very long time to dry.  Cost:  $12

Ease of use:  5/5

Comfort:  3/5

Bulkiness:  3/5

Maintenance ease:  4/5 

Night Time Absorption:  1/5

Value:  4/5


Love these diapers!  These are what we settled on.  We found them to be the easiest to use.  They have a fleece liner that wicks the wetness away from his bottom.  The cloth insert soaks up all of the liquid very well, and you can add as many as needed (it will become progressively bulkier though).  Jack does well with one insert during the day and used 2 at night when he got up more often and we changed him and 3 inserts now that he is sleeping longer (some nights anyway).  The waterproof cover works well.  I love the Velcro because Jack is very squirmy on the changing table so snaps just don’t work for us, although snaps are supposed to last longer than the Velcro.  I hope I am able to replace the velcro myself if it begins to wear.  I like that these diapers dry faster than others.  The liners take a little more time but the diaper itself drys in no time.  Most importantly I like how these diapers adjust (with snaps that let out more material) as Jack grows so we don’t have to purchase an entire new diaper supply at each growth spurt.  They also make an AIO and fitted diaper.  Cost:  $17.95

Ease of use:  5/5

Comfort:  5/5

Bulkiness:  4/5

Maintenance ease:  4/5 

Night Time Absorption:  5/5

Value:  4/5


Jack tried out one Bumwear diaper.  I like that they are similar to the BumGenius in that they are a pocket diaper with a fleece liner.  I’m not a fan of the snaps.  I feel like these didn’t fit Jack as well.  The way it snaps, to get it snug at the waist it makes this pouch and gaps at this legs.  We had some issues with leakage.  Also this one does not grow with the baby as well, it has elastic to grow a bit but no extenders.  Also this diaper is very pricey –           Cost:$27 (I got it on craigslist for much less)

Ease of use:  4/5

Comfort:  3/5

Bulkiness:  4/5

Maintenance ease:  4/5

Night Time Absorption:  3/5

Value:  2/5

Earthwise Baby

We tried a few of these diapers when Jack was a little older, maybe 6/9 months.  They are a fitted, one-size with a snap on extra absorbent doubler and gathers around the legs.  They velcro closed.  They fit nicely, looked comfortable.  It works pretty well with the cover.  I’d probably saw this is my favorite fitted.  I really think the one-size is the best value of all cloth diapers.  I like the velcro, easy to use.  They require a cover and take longer to dry.   Earthwise baby don’t have the fleece liner like the pocket’s so again when wet, stays wet.  These diapers I got from the ChoiceParent Resource Center (a donate and take room).  I have searched online and haven’t found a photo or website to view information except for a few reviews.  I wish I could tell you where to get these and how much.  If I find out, I’ll post an update!

Ease of use:  4/5

Comfort:  4/5

Bulkiness:  3/5

Maintenance ease:  3/5

Night Time Absorption:  2/5

Value:  4/5

Happy Heiny’shappy heiny

I loved this diaper when Jack was little, we had a newborn size.  It looked very comfortable for him.  It is a pocket, very well made, velcro is nice and thick and Lay’s nicely in the front.  Also has the fleece liner.  I wasn’t a big fan of the insert, it was a different type of cloth that didn’t seem to hold the liquid as well.  Jack would saturate it to the max after one potty.  My biggest beef with this diaper is that it didn’t grow with baby, and there were so many sized that I would have had to spend a fortune to use these exclusively.  They now make one-size diaper which i think is a much better value, and they carry fitted diapers as well.  Cost:  $17.95

Ease of use:  5/5

Comfort:  5/5

Bulkiness:  4/5

Maintenance ease:  3/5

Night Time Absorption:  3/5

Value:  1/5 (their one-size would be a better value)

Haute Pockethaute pocket

I would put this diaper somewear between the BumGenius and Bumwear.  It too is a pocket diaper with fleece lining.  I like the shape of this diaper, the “wings” on either end make it fit nicely when snapped – but it does has snap’s which becomes an issue with squirmy wormy babies.  This diaper also has snap extenders to grow with baby.  It has a little of that same pouch problem but not as much as the Bumwear.  Overall, not too bad.  Cost $17.95

Ease of use:  4/5

Comfort: 4/5

Bulkiness:  3/5

Maintenance ease:  4/5

Night Time Absorption:  4/5

Value:  3/5


We used a number of these diapers when Jack was first born.  I liked that they were small and looked comfortable on him.  They are a fitted diaper with snaps and needed a cover so that is another lengthy and challenging diaper change for Mr. Squirmy pants as daddy liked to say.  My biggest issue with this diaper is that Jack would pee through the diaper, cover, and his clothes every time he wore one of these diapers, so lots of leakage.  There is no fleece liner like the pocket’s so when they are wet, they are very wet and stay wet.  Overall thought Jack had issues peeing out of diapers through his clothes but these were probably the worst.  I know not all boys and most girls don’t have this issue so these might be a nice option for other babies.  They aren’t as bulky as some of the pocket and AIO diapers.  They are less expensive but after you add in the cost of a good cover they are nearly the same price as other diapers.  They also take a really long time to dry (in a dryer sometimes over 90 min).  They might be better with a line dry, which we didn’t have available at the time.  Cost:  $12.95

Ease of use:  3/5

Comfort:  3/5

Bulkiness:  5/5

Maintenance ease:  3/5

Night Time Absorption:  1/5

Value:  3/5

Mommy’s Touchmommy's touch

This is a pocket, one-size cloth diaper.  It has a waterproof outer layer and fleece lining with a cloth absorbent removable soaker inside.  This diaper is snap which again, many moms love but didn’t work for our wiggly baby.  Mommy’s Touch does make diapers with velcro.  This diaper has variations to enlarge your baby grows however I found them confusing.  And Jack has nearly outgrown his Mommy’s Touch at 25lbs.  Cost:  $18.95

Ease of use:  2/5

Comfort:  3/5

Bulkiness:  3/5

Maintenance ease:  3/5

Night Time Absorption:  2/5

Value:  3/5


These are a One Size diaper with snaps and require a cover.  They are also a one size so they grow with baby.  It has nice “wings” on both sides so it clothes nicely, but again, the slow snappes.  I didn’t like how there was not elastic at the legs so Jack had leakage issues with this one.  One insert can snap into this diaper which works well for the daytime , but that was not enough for Jack at night.  They are low cost but after adding in a good cover, price is similar to other diapers.   Cost $12 (they also make an AIO and Fitted)

Ease of use:  2/5

Comfort:  2/5

Bulkiness:  3/5

Maintenance ease:  3/5

Night Time Absorption:  1/5

Value:  3/5

Make Your Own Wipe Solution

Why not use cloth wipes;  you will be laundering the diapers anyway so it’s no problem to throw in the wipes too!  This is so incredibly easy, and think about the money you will save and the chemicals you will spare you little ones skin.  All you need is:

1 Cup water

1 TBS baby bath soap

8-15 drops of  tea tree essential oil

(for scent and to prevent fungus/mold)

If you have a diaper warmer, try adding the solution into the warmer, however any container will due.  For cloths, I use wash cloths or receiving blankets cut into small squares.  I received enough receiving blankets for an army at my baby shower.  Simply dip the cloth in the solution and you’re ready to go.

Cloth Diaper Ready

I hope you now feel confidant to try out cloth diapering.  This basic information can help your family choose a diaper that every family member is comfortable with.  Cloth diapering is simple, eco-friendly and great for your baby.  I hope my basic info and reviews were helpful.  If you have any questions let me know

Please comment:  tell me how you got started with cloth diapers?

Stay tuned for upcoming posts on Laundering your cloth diapers and another on Natural Remedy’s for itchy bug bites and bee stings and choosing a good repelant.

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Hocking Hills and Homemade Salsa

Hocking hills was beautiful last weekend.  I was worried the weather wouldn’t be on our side, all week storms were predicted.  However it was sunny and warm with a gorgeous blue sky.  We hiked 5.5-6 miles, the OFSC staff and several patients.  It was great exercise and loved going somewhere new.  There is so much to see at Hocking Hills that I’ll have to go back.  We enjoyed lunch after the hike at a patients lakehouse.  It was relaxing and fun.

Also, recently, Greg, Jack and I checked out the Worthington Farmer’s Market.  Doted the largest in Columbus.  There were vendors lining both sides of High Street.  The food vendors had very long lines, it was definatelly a popular place.  I saw strawberries, cherries, tomatoes, peas, green beans, asparagus, lettice, apples, cheese, free range chicken and beef, and more.  I purchased a few tomtoes to make a homemade salsa.  I also picked up a few plants, 2 tomatoes, a basil and a parsley.  I know we have a huge organic garden, but those plants were very behind and I wanted a garentee abundant plant!  As you can tell, I can be a little impatient, which isn’t a good trait of a gardener.  But the plants were well priced at the market.  I was impressed with how many flower and plant vendors we saw.  They had a little bit of everything in Worthington.  It is definately worth checking out if you live in columbus and enjoy fresh produce.  It wasn’t a bad hike even from New Albany.  We were a little rushed the morning that we went so I hope to go back again.  I think the produce selection will continue to grow as we get further into the summer.

Sheryl’s Salsa

2 Tomatoes, diced

1 red onion

1 Can white corn

1 can black beans

Italian dressing

Dr. Heather’s variation:  Add the following

1 choped Mango

1/2 C choped green onion

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Succulent Summer Smoothie

smoothie5Today it is supposed to have temperatures near 90 degrees in Columbus, Ohio.  I’m sure those of you living in Florida have already had a dose of hot humid temperatures this year.  So here is a yummy, anti-oxidant refreshing smoothie to try out, great for breakfast, lunch or snack anytime of year.

2 Cups frozen berries

2 Bananas

1 Cup Kefir

1/4 – 1/2 Can Coconut Milk

Blend all ingredients and serve.  Makes 2-4 servings depending on how hungry you are.

Benefits of the ingredients:berries

  • Berries & Cherries– they are loaded with anti-oxidants, which protect cells from dist ruction and abnormal growth.  This is great for preventing cancer, heart disease, arthritis and other chronic inflammatory illness.  Check out the benefits of Blueberries, Cherries, Raspberries, and strawberries.
  • Bananas– an excellent source of fiber (about 4 g) and potassium (about 400 mg).  They also have 20% DV of vitamin B6, 15% DV of vitamin C, and 1g of protein.
  • Kefir – If you aren’t familiar with kefir, it kefiris similar to yogurt but more runny, thicker than milk.  It has a tangy taste and comes in many flavors and organic.  Kefir is loaded with probiotics.  Most yogurts have 1-3 probiotics in them, even ones such as “DanActive” which market its probiotic and immune properties.  However Kefire has 10 probiotics in them.  Probiotics promote healthy intestinal flora which builds the immune system and helps the body protect against bad bacteria, viruses and fungal/yeast infections.  Kefir can be found in most grocery stores in the milk or yogurt isle.
  • Coconut Milk– This is full of healthy natural saturated fats.  Coconut sometimes gets a bad rap for its high saturated fat content.  But not all saturated fat is created equal.  It is true that some saturated fats clog arteries such as that in animal and dairy products.  But the saturated fat in coconut is actually anti-inflammatory and helps prevent the clogging of arteries.  Read more about the benefits of coconut at the Coconut Research Center


Do you have a favorite summer smoothie recipe you would like to share?  Please comment!


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Greener Future Friday: Household Waste Disposal

This one is for you JamieLee!  So what do you do with those household chemicals, pesticides, old paint, florescent light bulbs, medication, and more that you want to discard?  Throwing them in the trash is a big no-no!  Don’t try dumping down the toiled either.  You don’t want that hazardous waste to go into landfills, seep into the ground and eventually make it back into your drinking water.  We already have a problem with prescription medication in our water.    Check out this news story.  Was your city tested?  What was found?  Below I have listed some information on identifying hazardous chemicals and where to dispose of them.  This may be a great time to clean out your closets of toxic chemicals.  I will be posting in the future on how to make you own homemade cleaners.  One of which I already posted HERE.

How do you know it is hazardous?     

Read the label!  Look for words like Poison, Danger, Warning, and Caution

 Hazardous products have at least one of these properties:


Poisonous, chemical including pesticides, paint thinners, auto products and some cleaners. 

Look for words like “Harmful or fatal of swallowed” and “use only in a well-ventilated area”


Chemicals that burn easily such as paint thinners, solvents, and auto products. 

Look for words like “Combustible” and “Do not use near heat or flame.”


These products eat through materials such as oven cleaners, drain cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, and car batteries. 

Look for words like “causes severe burns on contact” and “Can burn eyes, skin, throat”.


These chemicals can spontaneously ignite or create poisonous vapors when mixed with other products.  Also some products can explode when exposed to air, heat, water, or shock. 


Chemicals to use proper disposal site:

  •  Aerasol cleaners
  • Batteries
  • Bug spray
  • Cleaners
  • Electronics
  • Fluorescent light bulbs
  • Furniture stripper
  • Glue
  • Lighter fluid
  • Mercury thermometer
  • Nail polish and remover
  • Oil and oil based chemicals
  • Paint and Thinner
  • Pesticides
  • Polish with solvents
  • Pool chemicals
  • Spot removers
  • Stain/varnish
  • Wood polish
  • Wood preservation

 Where to Dispose

In Columbus, Ohio you can dispose of your hazardous chemicals HERE:

Where:  1249 Essex Ave, Columbus 43201, near the Ohio State Fair Grounds

When:  April-October:  Wed. 2pm-7pm, Thurs 9am-5pm &

November-March:  Wed 2pm-6pm, Thurs 9am-5pm

 Find YOUR local drop site HERE

Check our more resources at:

Please comment on what household cleaner recipe you would like me to provide in the future!

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Wigs, Hops & Shower

We had a busy, interesting, and fun weekend.  It started off on Saturday with Daddy and Jack playing at home while JamieLee and I went to an event relay for lifefor work, Relay for Life, sponsored by The American Cancer Society in Newark, Ohio, about 30 min. from New Albany.   It was a perfect sunny, warm afternoon.  I was glad to be outside.  The event was for a great cause, raising money for Cancer Research.  JamieLee and I were there to offer stretching and myofascial treatment to the participants and to meet people and get Ohio Family & Sports Chiropractic out in the community. relay for life tent

Wigs for Women

The vendor next to us was a Newark hair salon offering free hair cuts and donations to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths, a program to donate your hair for wigs made for cancer patients.  Pantene partnered with several sponsors to offer ” Wigs Helping Women,” free wigs for cancer patients.  They need 8″ for a ponytail and 6 ponytails make a wig.   Find out how to donate here.  I saw many women of all ages throughoutut the afternoon visiting the hair salon table and donating.  It was moving and inspiring to see young teenagers scared to death to get their hair chopped but doing it proudly.  This reminded me of my OSU Rowing teammate Amanda who used to do this regularly with Locks of Love(which I learned charges for their wigs).  I also kept looking down at my very long ponytail and felt pretty embarrassed standing there while so many others donated with much shorter hair than me.  I contemplated throughout the event “should I? Shouldn’t I? Should I?”  In the end I thought, why not!  I thought it’s probably something I should do sometime in my life, especially with my family history of cancer, and I really did need a hair cut.  Afterwards I felt good that I contributed to a wig that will hopefully make someones day!

Here goes nothin...

Here goes nothin...

That's a lot of hair!

That's a lot of hair!

Still plenty of hair left

Still plenty of hair left

Hopin’ Gallery Hop

Saturday evening  JamieLee and I went to the Gallery Hop in the Short North.  I told JamieLee about the monthly Gallery Hop a while ago, thinking it was a fun event to represent a little bit of Columbus to this California native.  Finally the scheduling worked out and we made it to the hop!  This was only my second time, my first being my freshman year at Ohio State.  We grabbed dinner at one of my favorites, The Northstar Cafe, then headed downtown.  We saw many beautiful gallery’s and jewelry stands.  There was a cool store called Tiger Tree which sells many products made by recycled children’s books.  I really liked their blue polka dot shoes!  I also liked their reusable shopping bags which could be folded into a pock-sized pouch.  I enjoyed the numerous ethnic stores, the girl on stilts, a wine tasting, and the plethora of local bands, including a drum-line.  JamieLee really liked the LARGE girl belly dancing who fortunately I did not see, and the toothpick girl.  Check out her take on the night at her blog Calie and Me .

Shower Baby Shower

Jack 16 mo 003Sunday I went to my good rowing friend Heather (aka Feldmann) Strang’s baby shower.  I am really excited for my friend, who with her husband, helped Greg and I meet for the first time back in college.  Heather was looking beautiful and I hope she has a wonderful birthing experience. Jack 16 mo 005

I also visited with a few other college friends who were there.  At the shower there were some tasty treats and a few traditional baby shower games, which I am never good at.

After the shower I picked up Greg and Jack to head to the Prenger homestead for a multi-birthday Celebration.  Most of Greg’s family have their birthdays in June (and February).   Grandma and the kids thought it would be fun to ride around in the wheel barrel.Jack 16 mo 008

It was a tireing but fun and fulfilling weekend.

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Great Green Giveaways in June

  1.  Frugal Plus is giving away a Green Toy product – made from recycled products, BPA, Phthalate, and PVC Free
  2. Traveling with Baby is running an awesome giveaway for a  UVskinz products – great way to stay protected in the sun this season for mom and baby – go there!
  3. Spots on My Apples presents this interesting giveaway for a wellness salt lamp by Solay– check it out
  4. A working blogging mommy – is hosting a green giveaway for an organic reversible hoodie by Happy Green Bee – check it out!

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