Wigs, Hops & Shower

We had a busy, interesting, and fun weekend.  It started off on Saturday with Daddy and Jack playing at home while JamieLee and I went to an event relay for lifefor work, Relay for Life, sponsored by The American Cancer Society in Newark, Ohio, about 30 min. from New Albany.   It was a perfect sunny, warm afternoon.  I was glad to be outside.  The event was for a great cause, raising money for Cancer Research.  JamieLee and I were there to offer stretching and myofascial treatment to the participants and to meet people and get Ohio Family & Sports Chiropractic out in the community. relay for life tent

Wigs for Women

The vendor next to us was a Newark hair salon offering free hair cuts and donations to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths, a program to donate your hair for wigs made for cancer patients.  Pantene partnered with several sponsors to offer ” Wigs Helping Women,” free wigs for cancer patients.  They need 8″ for a ponytail and 6 ponytails make a wig.   Find out how to donate here.  I saw many women of all ages throughoutut the afternoon visiting the hair salon table and donating.  It was moving and inspiring to see young teenagers scared to death to get their hair chopped but doing it proudly.  This reminded me of my OSU Rowing teammate Amanda who used to do this regularly with Locks of Love(which I learned charges for their wigs).  I also kept looking down at my very long ponytail and felt pretty embarrassed standing there while so many others donated with much shorter hair than me.  I contemplated throughout the event “should I? Shouldn’t I? Should I?”  In the end I thought, why not!  I thought it’s probably something I should do sometime in my life, especially with my family history of cancer, and I really did need a hair cut.  Afterwards I felt good that I contributed to a wig that will hopefully make someones day!

Here goes nothin...

Here goes nothin...

That's a lot of hair!

That's a lot of hair!

Still plenty of hair left

Still plenty of hair left

Hopin’ Gallery Hop

Saturday evening  JamieLee and I went to the Gallery Hop in the Short North.  I told JamieLee about the monthly Gallery Hop a while ago, thinking it was a fun event to represent a little bit of Columbus to this California native.  Finally the scheduling worked out and we made it to the hop!  This was only my second time, my first being my freshman year at Ohio State.  We grabbed dinner at one of my favorites, The Northstar Cafe, then headed downtown.  We saw many beautiful gallery’s and jewelry stands.  There was a cool store called Tiger Tree which sells many products made by recycled children’s books.  I really liked their blue polka dot shoes!  I also liked their reusable shopping bags which could be folded into a pock-sized pouch.  I enjoyed the numerous ethnic stores, the girl on stilts, a wine tasting, and the plethora of local bands, including a drum-line.  JamieLee really liked the LARGE girl belly dancing who fortunately I did not see, and the toothpick girl.  Check out her take on the night at her blog Calie and Me .

Shower Baby Shower

Jack 16 mo 003Sunday I went to my good rowing friend Heather (aka Feldmann) Strang’s baby shower.  I am really excited for my friend, who with her husband, helped Greg and I meet for the first time back in college.  Heather was looking beautiful and I hope she has a wonderful birthing experience. Jack 16 mo 005

I also visited with a few other college friends who were there.  At the shower there were some tasty treats and a few traditional baby shower games, which I am never good at.

After the shower I picked up Greg and Jack to head to the Prenger homestead for a multi-birthday Celebration.  Most of Greg’s family have their birthdays in June (and February).   Grandma and the kids thought it would be fun to ride around in the wheel barrel.Jack 16 mo 008

It was a tireing but fun and fulfilling weekend.


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  1. 1

    i’d love to see a photo of your new hairstyle. sounds like you’re doing a ton of great community service and networking!!

  2. 2

    nice! hey, where did you get your shirts/with logos printed up? where do you purchase your polos (fitted, women’s)?

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