Hocking Hills and Homemade Salsa

Hocking hills was beautiful last weekend.  I was worried the weather wouldn’t be on our side, all week storms were predicted.  However it was sunny and warm with a gorgeous blue sky.  We hiked 5.5-6 miles, the OFSC staff and several patients.  It was great exercise and loved going somewhere new.  There is so much to see at Hocking Hills that I’ll have to go back.  We enjoyed lunch after the hike at a patients lakehouse.  It was relaxing and fun.

Also, recently, Greg, Jack and I checked out the Worthington Farmer’s Market.  Doted the largest in Columbus.  There were vendors lining both sides of High Street.  The food vendors had very long lines, it was definatelly a popular place.  I saw strawberries, cherries, tomatoes, peas, green beans, asparagus, lettice, apples, cheese, free range chicken and beef, and more.  I purchased a few tomtoes to make a homemade salsa.  I also picked up a few plants, 2 tomatoes, a basil and a parsley.  I know we have a huge organic garden, but those plants were very behind and I wanted a garentee abundant plant!  As you can tell, I can be a little impatient, which isn’t a good trait of a gardener.  But the plants were well priced at the market.  I was impressed with how many flower and plant vendors we saw.  They had a little bit of everything in Worthington.  It is definately worth checking out if you live in columbus and enjoy fresh produce.  It wasn’t a bad hike even from New Albany.  We were a little rushed the morning that we went so I hope to go back again.  I think the produce selection will continue to grow as we get further into the summer.

Sheryl’s Salsa

2 Tomatoes, diced

1 red onion

1 Can white corn

1 can black beans

Italian dressing

Dr. Heather’s variation:  Add the following

1 choped Mango

1/2 C choped green onion


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    Caroline said,

    mmm, sounds yummy! I just made a bean salad yesterday that sounds similar and everyone commented that it would be better as a salsa with chips LOL! Love salsa! I am so glad that our little boy can eat it now too- he totally loves it! When he had such bad Eczema he could hardly eat anything without it making him worse…now that he takes his Vidazorb kids chewable probiotic…he can enjoy all kinds of foods with the family! Thanks for a great post, Caroline

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