Recaping Pregnancy: Month 8

I would like to finish recapping my first pregnancy, with Jack, which I started months ago.  I hope I can look back at my blog and remember my wonderful experiences.  In hind sight, it would have been even better to record my pregnancy experience as it was happening, but I am just glad to get it down now.  I hope to add Month 9 soon and conclude with Jack’s birth story at his 18 month birthday in August. 

Palmer Graduation 036So to continue with month 8, December 2007:  Swelling was becoming obvious now.  Greg lovingly did many foot massages trying to alleviate some of the swelling.  We also used Kinesio Tape which did help some.  Quality sleep was a challenge due to the growing baby.  I felt lots of kicking throughout the day by my little baby, most frequently under my right rib cage! 

 Home Visit

The midwives, Abby, Kelley, and Jill came to our home during month 8.  This was their practice run to ensure they new where we lived.  They made sure we had the tub set up correctly.  We had to prepare a few things for the visit.  We baked towels and sheets in individual brown bags, in our oven to sterilize them.  We set out the birthing kit purchased from CHOICE with necessities such as gloves, chucks pads, squirt bottles for sterilizing, several creams, and some other items.  Jill went through everything in the box and told us what they were all for.  They made sure we had a plan for where the birth would be, plan of action for after the birth, showering, where to rest, clean-up, ect.  Jill then did the usual prenatal checks – blood pressure, swelling, baby’s position, belly measurement, ect.  During the checks, they determined “Baby J” was posterior.  This position typically made for a more difficult birth.  This was not good news to me.  They instructed me to not sit in any recliners – which I had a habit of doing on our comfy couch.  I should instead sit very straight in a chair or on a swiss ball.  I also was instructed to spend time on my hands and knees to encourage the baby to flip back anterior.  I first thought how ridiculous – you want me to walk around all day on my hands and knees like a dog!  Well, it felt crazy, but I definitely didn’t want to put myself in a position of having a difficult, posterior labor at home, my first time.  So I moved my car char upright, no more reclining, spent a lot of time sitting and laying on my belly on the swiss ball, and even on my hands and knees….

 … the results… It worked!!!!!! The following week visit back at the CHOICE offices “Baby J” had flipped into the proper position and my efforts were successful.  I discontinued the walking around on my hands and feet, but I did continue to avoid the recliner and sat up very straight on all chairs and used the swiss ball.  I did not want my baby to regress back to the posterior position.  

Busy Busy Busy

Month 8 was a busy one for Greg, “Baby J” and I.  It started with graduation.  We flew to Florida with Greg’s parents and sister Lindsay.  It was hard to believe nearly 10 years collage and graduate schooling was finally coming to a close.  I had been a student for so many years, it was a big milestone to finally be finished!  Greg and I both graduated with honors and Greg the Salutatorian of the class.  I was looking good – very pregnant, in my graduation gown!  Shortly after graduation we enjoyed celebrating Christmas with our family.  Just after the new year was our baby shower!  My mom hosted with the help of my Aunt Gail.  It was a very nice afternoon was filled with yummy food, fun games, and catching up with family and friends.  My grandma and Aunt Bee tied the guessing game for the baby’s height and weight at birth.  We received many wonderful gifts and baby necessities for our upcoming arrival.  Baby gear is so adorable, at the time, most of it seemed so foreign I hoped I would know what to do with it all after the baby arrived… and we did.   Check out a previous blog I did on my favorite baby Necessities here!


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