Recapping Jack’s Pregnancy: Month 9

There was a lot of excitement and restlessness during the last month for me.  I knew labor and the birth of our “Baby J” were just around the corner.  Greg and I were very excited to meet our new family member.  Sleep was hard to come by during this last month.  It was often interrupted due to frequent bathroom trips and discomfort from an awkwardly large belly.  It’s comical that I actually thought I’d get better sleep after the birth…I later learned that’s not exactly how it works!  JacksBirthday 013

We spent a lot of time preparing the baby room this month.  We painted the top half of the walls in the nursery a sea green color and left the bottom half white.  Greg and his friend touched up and painted a hand-me-down rocking chair and the dresser/changing table my sisters and I used when we were babies.  We also put together the crib we received from a co-worker of my mom.  I definitely like the idea of re-using baby furniture.  Everything we have has little or no signs of wear and many good years left.  We set up a bassinette in our room, passed down from Greg’s Brother.  We opened and hung the tiny clothes and other baby necessities we received from our shower.  Everything was all set and we were just waiting.  Greg was working as a personal trainer, while we worked out the details for our up-coming business.  He told his clients, co-workers and boss that he was awaiting the phone call.  I was at home, antsy and waiting for some sign of labor.  I spent the days finishing up the baby room and curtains I was making for 3 different windows in our home.

 JacksBirthday 025


We had weekly appointments with the midwives during the final month of pregnancy.  Every time we were there I was hoping Abby, Kelley, or Jill would tell us that labor had started or was about to any minute.… but that was not the case.  We waited and waited as the ninth month came and went.  I thought any day now… but the day went by, and the next, and the next… Finally, 8 days later I KNEW SOMETHING WAS DIFFERENT!  Stay tuned for Jack’s birth story coming up on his 18 month birthday.

Wow my face is swollen!

Wow my face is swollen!


2 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Linda said,

    Oh no! You can’t leave us hanging like that! I hear it was a water birth? Or not? We can wait for the rest of the story!

  2. 2

    Cristin said,

    Ahhh! I want to hear more! I’m considering a water birth too…

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