Family Fun Days

BlogFamilyBubble Being new business owners, Greg and I work many hours and often on weekends.  This can be draining on us mentally and physically.  We decided a few months ago that we needed 1 day each week designated for family time and no work!  Life has been much more refreshing with this day to look forward to.  We designated Tuesday’s Family Fun Day.  Occasionally we enjoy a weekend day of family fun too! I hope to share with you some of the activities we have enjoyed this summer during Family Fun day!

columbus library

Last week we checked out the Columbus Main Library downtown.  The Library building is a beautiful architectural sight downtown.  There was a great children’s area with isles of books, CD’s, DVD’s and a play area too.  Jack really liked the play kitchen set up.  The walls were painted with attractive murals, appealing to the child’s eye.  There were large animal sculptures, huge stuffed animals, and alphabet letters for kids to enjoy.  Numerous computer stations were available to easily track down your desired book.  We utilized the pamphlets for parents on suggested books for your child’s age.  The library has many activities throughout the month including story time and much more.  We left the library with 5 books and 4 CD’s for the car.  Jack loves listening and dancing to fun music!  I don’t know where he gets his dancing skill, likely not from Greg or I!

Jack 18 months 010 Following the library we headed for some outdoor fun at the Ballantrae Park in Dublin.  Ballantrae is known for its choreographed fountains.  There were many other children enjoying the fountains that day and Jack didn’t hesitate to jump right in with the crowd.  He was intrigued by the varying display.  They all popped up a different times and different heights.  He got sprayed in the face a few times but brushed it off quickly.  At the park there was a green area where many parents laid a blanket and watched their kids splash and play.  Jack really had a blast in the water.  We’ll definitely take him back again!





Jack 18 months 009


After 2 big trips Jack easily dosed off in the car ride home.  It was an eventful family fun day!

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