Jack in the Pumpkin Patch

Jack 20 months Halloween 013

Mommy steals a Kiss!

We took Jack to the pumpkin patch this year at Lynd’s Fruit Farm. Last year Jack was just 8 months so this was his first time exploring the pumpkin patch on foot. He was not interested in the pumpkins what so ever!!! He was interested in running in every direction as fast as he could. His body couldn’t keep up with his feet and he did a few nose dives into the ground but it didn’t seem to phase him one bit. Boys! He is really catching on how to ware mom and dad out as much as possible! I think we all got a good workout in at the pumpkin patch! We did come away with a nice pumpkin though, chose by mom and dad. You will see in the photos below, Jack running all over with not a glance at a pumpkin! He did have a good time!

Jack 20 months Halloween 010


Jack 20 months Halloween 007


Jack 20 months Halloween 006

Rocks, more intereting than Pumpkins

Jack 20 months Halloween 004

Can dad interest Jack in a Pumpkin?

Jack 20 months Halloween 005

Checking out the Pumpkin

Later tonight (hopefully)… A Lion’s Halloween, stay tuned!

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