A Lion’s Halloween

Jack 20 months Halloween 016

Happy lion

Jack does such a great ROAR that we thought he’d make the cutest lion for Halloween.  We found a warm and comfy costume at Once Upon A Child for $6.  I was pleasantly surprised that he didn’t mind the Lion hood at all.

He dressed up for a Halloween picnic party at the park with his play group on Tuesday.  I had to draw a lion face on daddy in order to get Jack to sit still for his lion face.  Many moms brought yummy, festive treats to the party.  It was cute to see all of the kiddo’s dressed up on the playground.  We had planned to attend a Trunk or Treat at a patient’s church on wed but we were all pooped after a crazy day at work so we opted out.

Jack 20 months Halloween 015

2 Lions

Jack 20 months Halloween 017

Looking for a Cook (cookie)

Jack 20 months Halloween 023

Having fun

Thursday was Trick or Treat in New Albany.  We went to the neighborhood of Mac, our business coach, and his family.  Jack tried to keep up with their 6 year old, Sophia but she was on a candy mission.  We walked around the neighborhood for a bit then helped Mac hand out candy.  Afterwards we went inside and warmed up by the fire with some tasty red wine.  Sophia enjoyed babysitting Jack in her play room.

Jack 20 months Halloween 025

cutest lion

Jack 20 months Halloween 026

Jack actually sat still for a group photo

Saturday, we made a spur of the moment call to my mom and learned it was Trick or Treat in my home town that night.  We decided to surprise my dad and drove up their way with Jack’s costume ready to go.  We figured he was such a cute lion we should show him off to as many family and friends as possible (yes, I’m a biased mom).  We let Jack walk up to Papa, waiting for trick or treaters.  He jumped with joy when he saw Jack in the driveway.  Jack did a great job helping Papa hand out candy.  Greg also enjoyed the experience since he grew up in the country and never had trick or treaters come to his door.   Mamma took lots of Jack photos and made us a yummy pumpkin pie – my favorite!

Jack 20 months Halloween 030

Mamma keeps Jack out of the street

Jack 20 months Halloween 033

Jack & Papa ready for the kids

Jack 20 months Halloween 034

on Papa's AJ Hawk Chair

Jack 20 months Halloween 036

A good helper


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    that’s the cutest lion i’ve ever seen! miss you guys!

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