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Greg’s Version of Walt’s Birth

As promised, Daddy’s version of Walt’s Birth.  I am a little behind in posting it.  Life has been a bit crazy since Walt’s birth 3 months ago.  We have been looking to buy our first home, without much luck so far and have moved into a temporary renal home.  Our previous rental house and Walt’s birth place is being bulldozed down any day now for “green space”.  Hopefully we’ll find our new home soon!  Enjoy Daddy’s Story Below and some new born photos!

Jack wasn't thrilled to have his picture taken

“So, Heather asked me to write my perspective of Walt’s birth.  I’m honored she is allowing me to post on her blog.  So here is how things went from my side of things.

Jack woke up around his normal time of 6:30 yelling “Daaaaaaaddddddyyyyyy!” just like every other morning.  He went to the potty and I changed him.  Then just like always he ran around the house and watched TV while I made him oatmeal.  After breakfast he played downstairs with his trains.  At 7:45 Heather woke up and was having some fairly strong contractions (3 min. apart) so I went in and rubbed her back to help her relax.  I asked her if she thought I should fill the birthing tub.  She said she thought the contractions would stop so I should wait.  Jack and I hung out and played while Heather had a few more contractions in bed.  When she seemed really uncomfortable I ran to the bedroom to rub her back and then went back to Jack.  This would become a pattern throughout the birth.  At 8:27, Heather called our midwife, Abby, to get her opinion on what to do.  Abby told her to rest in the bath and time her contractions, so she went to the bathroom while Jack and I continued to hang out.  Of course as long as she was in the bath I couldn’t use the hot water to fill the birthing tub.  While in the tub, Heather’s contractions kept getting stronger.  Also, she continued to tell me that these contractions would probably stop, so wait on filling the tub.  At 8:44 I texted my sister, Allison, to see if she was around in case Heather’s parents, who were coming from Dayton to watch Jack during the birth were unable to get here in time.  I called Heather’s parents at 8:48 and said we didn’t think this was labor, but they should come just in case and if Heather’s contractions stopped we could all go to the zoo together because the weather was going to be nice that day.  Jack and I went back to playing downstairs like any other day.  Jack was looking all over for one of his train cars, the one that carries logs, so we searched all over the basement and found it behind one of the legs of his train table.  He was very happy to have it back, so I was able to get away to see how Heather was doing upstairs.  Allison texted back at 9:12 that she was working, but Colin, her husband was around.  Since I was with Jack I didn’t get that message until 9:30, so at 9:31 I texted back that I needed Colin’s number.  After Heather’s bath she went to bed and when I got upstairs she asked me to call her parents to tell them things were moving a little faster than we thought and this probably was labor.  So I called them at 9:27.  Heather had texted our office manager, Sara, at 9:20 to see if she was able to watch Jack at our office until Heather’s parents arrived.  At this point we still believed I would be able to leave the house to bring Jack to the office.  Allison called me from work at 9:44 to tell me Colin was not home after all and we quickly ended that conversation because Heather was having another strong contraction.  At 9:46 Sara texted back and Heather asked her to come to the office with another text at 9:48. I also called Abby at 9:46 to tell her the contractions were 2-3 minutes apart and were getting stronger.  Heather said she didn’t think the midwives needed to come yet because she still thought this would take a long time.  We decided, with Heather’s input that the midwives should come in an hour to and hour and a half.  While all this was going on I was periodically going downstairs to check on Jack.   Shortly after Heather’s bath she informed me that I could fill the birthing tub, so I put as much hot water in the tub as I could, which wasn’t much since she had just taken a hot bath.  I also turned up the hot water heater in an attempt to speed up the birthing tub filling process.  After I had put 3 small “loads” the tub was about 1/3 full and Heather moved into the tub to continue labor.  At this point I called Sara to ask her to come to the house to pick up Jack because it was clear I could not leave the house at this point.  At around 10:00, just after Heather finished another contraction, immediately after which she said “I can’t do this” and I quickly told her she was amazing and she could do it.  I knew this was transition and a better “coach” would have reminded her that it was transition and it would be over soon, but I had other issues to deal with at the time, so I went downstairs to check on Jack and get him ready to leave with Sara and discovered that he had pooped his pants.  Exactly what I needed at that moment.  I brought Jack upstairs to change him and clean him up.  That was when the plan, which even though things were moving fast to this point was still somewhat intact, completely fell apart.  While I was taking Jack’s dirty pants off I heard an unmistakable noise coming from the bedroom.  Heather was obviously pushing.  This was a serious “holy crap” moment for me.  I told Jack to sit on the potty and “don’t move” and I ran down the hall to check on Heather, arriving just in time to see the end of the push.  I asked Heather if she was okay and listened to a very concerned Jack yell “Mommy are you okay?” from the bathroom.  Heather yelled back that she was okay and told me I could go take care of Jack.  So I ran back to the bathroom and finished cleaning Jack.  Thankfully, Jack did an amazing job of listening throughout this whole ordeal.  While I was dressing Jack I heard another push from the bedroom.  Also, while running from the bathroom to the bedroom I heard Sara knocking on the front door, this was sometime between 10:00 and 10:05.  I went into the bedroom to rub Heather’s back until the contraction was over, then ran back to finish dressing Jack and invite Sara in.  I left Jack with Sara in the living room while another contraction came and went with a very concerned Heather worried that Sara could hear her from the other room.  After that contraction I went outside to put the car seat in Sara’s car, which I did in record time and with a lot of swearing and sweating.  The little clips that hold the seat in the car were to short and got stuck while I was trying to lengthen them.  I did get it in her car, but it was a little more loose than I would normally tolerate.  Under the circumstances, and considering that they only had to drive 1 mile I let it slide.  Anyway, I ran back inside and said goodbye to Jack and he and Sara left.  I ran back to the bedroom and another contraction came and went.  This time (around 10:10) Heather said something that seriously freaked me out.  Her exact words were “I think my intestines are coming out of me!”  In a major panic I looked and saw what would turn out to be Walter’s head.  Thankfully he had a full head of hair, so I could not mistake his head for intestines.  I was in complete disbelief at this point, so I actually touched the top of his head for some  weird reason I guess to confirm that it was really there.  I told Heather I could see his head and she told me to call our midwife, Abby, again to tell her what was going on.  I did not have Abby’s number in my phone so I had to ask Heather where her phone was.  I knew at that moment how stupid it was for me to not have the number in my phone.  Heather told me where her phone was and was obviously annoyed with me for my lack of preparation and rightly so.  I found the phone clicked on “Abby” and kept hitting send until it started dialing.  I’m not very BlackBerry proficient, even though I have one exactly like Heather’s.  When I have multiple numbers for the same person I enter the numbers as different people, i.e. if I had Abby’s home number and cell number they would be entered as “Abby Home” and “Abby Cell”, so I select the one I want from the contacts list.  Heather uses her phone the way it’s intended to be used and enters the person’s full name and then selects the type of number she is entering from the pre-made list in her BlackBerry.  So, when I clicked on “Abby” I then should have selected “Mobile” rather than blindly hitting “send” until it started dialing.  So after all of that explanation you now know why I ended up calling Abby’s house number, which someone answered.  When I asked for Abby they said she wasn’t there at the exact same time as another contraction started.  I said “sorry, I have the wrong number” and rudely hung up on them.  The contraction came and went and Walter’s head came down to the point that I could see his squished up face, another “holy crap” moment and I’m embarrassed to admit that I took a while to realize it was his face.  I still had in my head that Heather’s intestines were coming out and I was initially sure what I was looking at was her intestines.  Heather asked if I could see anything and I hesitated, not wanting to tell her I saw the head (the hair was still visible) and her intestines.  She asked again and at that moment I figured out that it wasn’t intestines, it was Walter’s face, so I told her and she said I needed to call Abby and had to explain how to use her phone properly to call her cell, which I did.  I spoke to Abby and she told me she was 2 miles away and would be there soon.  Then another contraction started and I hung up on Abby to go back with Heather.  She pushed again and one of Walter’s shoulders came out along with his entire head.  I held his head out of the water because it seemed like the right thing to do at the time.  Then in the middle of the chaos our other midwife, Kelly, came running down the hall and took over.  I basically got out of the way and in 1 or two pushes Walter had arrived at 10:27AM on April 10, 2011.  His cord was a little short, but just long enough for us to get him to Heather, still in the 1/3 full tub and on all fours as she had been throughout the delivery.  During this handoff from Kelly to me to Heather I noticed that Walter was a boy and informed Heather who was surprised he was a boy and shaking as she held Walter, just as she had been 3 years before when she first held Jack.  Abby came in just as Heather took ahold of Walter and she and Kelly took over all of the important stuff and checked Heather to make sure she was okay.  They helped Heather transition out of the tub, which was no small task with a shorter than normal cord and the placenta still attached.  I went out of the room for a moment to get some sterile blankets and towels and came back to see Heather sitting in the rocking chair with our new baby.  Soon after she pushed out the placenta and I cut the cord.  Around 10:50 I called Steve and Patti to see if they had made it to the office to pick up Jack from Sara yet.  The informed me they were on Interstate 670 near downtown Columbus, about 20 minutes away and I gave them the good news and said I would call once everything calmed down a little more.  I called them back about 30 minutes later and we decided that they would take Jack to lunch and the playground while I cleaned up and then they would bring Jack over to meet his little brother around 2:00.  Abby and Kelly stayed for an hour or two to monitor Heather and Walter.  Heather took a shower as they did all the necessary tests on Walter.  Abby and Kelly cleaned up everything except the birthing tub and left the three of us to bond.  I cleaned up the birthing tub and am deliberately leaving out the details of that and finished cleaning everything around 1:30.  Steve and Patti arrived and thankfully brought me some lunch from The Rusty Bucket.  I got the video camera ready and Steve taped Jack meeting Walter for the first time a little after 2:00.”


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