Staying Cool in the Heat: The Green Way

Weather you are without air conditioning or simply trying to be green and conservative  and use a limited amount of electricity and resources to stay cool, this list will help you out!


Simple Ways to stay cool during the summer heat wave?  Please share!


  1. Drink lots of water!  Avoid too much caffeine which can dehydrate you and caus the body to overheat
  2. Limit cooking:  Choose cool options.  Grill when you can.  Avoid using the oven and if you have to, turn it on in the early morning or late evening.  Consider a small toaster oven which won’t heat the house as much and although I don’t like microwaves, if it is really hot for a long period of time and you need to heat something up they might be warranted.
    1. Breakfast –  nutritious smoothies (add ingredients such as coconut milk, green leafy vegetables, or ground flax or egg yokes to make them filling and nutrient dense), slice of sour dough or sprouted wheat bread with butter, cream cheese, homemade jam or local honey with a glass of milk and fruit.  Yogurt or kefir with oats, ground flax seed and fruit.  Avoid processed cereals though
    2. Lunch – tuna, hummus with veggies, cheese, fresh fruit, dried fruit, all kinds of salads (you can really get creative here, greens, add nuts, seeds, fruit, veggies, avocado, different dressings, mozzarella capries salad and so much more !)
    3. Dinner – Grill, Grill, Grill!  You can grill meat, fish and veggies many different ways. Salads make a nice addition to a meal.  Try spaghetti with spaghetti squash instead of boiling noodles.
    4. Snacks and Other – try frozen fruit such as grapes, cherries, and other berries.  Make sun tea instead of boiling water.  Use a french press instead of a coffee pot.  Make homemade popsicles!  Puree fruit in your blender, sneak in greens, coconut water, juice some veggies if you have a juicer to add to the fruit puree, let your imagination go and make your own healthy popsicle creation!  Try “Raw Food” deserts or other meals.  Walnuts with a touch of honey or maple syrup make a nice snack too!
  3. Close your blinds or shades when the sun is up
  4. Do your errands or shopping during the heat of the day if you need to get cooled off indoors outside of your house
  5. Hit up your local splash pad, there are several that you can go to for free around columbus.  They can be found in Dublin, Hilliard, and Powell, plus Easton and Polaris  malls
  6. Indoor activities to get out of the heat such as the play areas at local mall’s or Firefly Play Cafe in Columbus
  7. Pull out your kiddy pool and put it in a shaded area of your yard.  Then in the evening fill your watering can with the pool water to water your garden!
  8. Fan’s can help, try an energy efficient model.
  9. Hang your laundry on the line rather than running your dryer which can heat up the house.
  10. If possible, store your spare freezer or fridge (if you have one) in your basement instead of the garage where it will need more energy to run on hot days


What other things do you do to stay cool during the summer?


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