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Monday for Moms: Christmas Shopping Re-cap: Safe & Natural Toys!

recycling-truckChristmas shopping was more fun this year.  Last year we were picking out baby supplies such as strollers, breast pumps and newborn essentials, but this year we got to shop for TOYS!  Daddy especially enjoyed this! 



We did our best to choose safe and natural toys without chemicals and plastics.  I am a big advocate of wooden, cloth, and non-toxic toys, especially for babies who put everything in their mouths.  In a perfect world I would use exclusively wooden and cloth toys.  However, it was tough to avoid the chemicals entirely because wooden toys, while high quality and long lasting, can also be very pricey!  So we did some wooden and cloth toys and a few others too. 

push-toyHere is a great website to check the safety of toys.  I used this as a resource during my Christmas shopping.  Some of my favorite toys Jack got for Christmas were wooden puzzles and nesting blocks, several wooden cars (including a recycling truck), a wooden tow truck and garbage truck that came in a kit and Greg enjoyed putting together, a wooden push toys, and a cloth bowling set and tool box with tools.  He also got a great baby sign language book with flash cards!


Here are a few of my favorite toy companies, many of which I found at Columbus, Ohio’s local natural familiy store, Sprout Soup.


         Melissa & Doug

         Plan Toys

         Holgate Toys

         Maple Landmak and their sub-group:  Montgomery School House


I hope this is helpful information for those opting for more natural, green, toxin free toys!


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Greener Future Friday Update – Shopping Success!

Greener Future Friday Update:  Shopping Success


After scouring through the isles of my local Baby’s “R” Us store I came home with some cute, safe bath toys for Jack!  I settled on the following bath toys: 


Sassy Count and Spell, Sassy Aquatic Bobblers, Sassy Counting Fish “n” Net, Sassy Squirting Sea Creatures.  I also decided to pick up a chemical free sippy and a set of born free sippy tops to replace nipples on his bornfree bottles, and a few chemical free toys.


I also noticed something interesting while shopping.  I had purchased Boon dishes/utensils when Jack started solids a month ago, including the bowl, bender spoon, plate, and the squirt spoon.  I later read on the Boon website that the squirt was previously made of PVC/phthalates and the company had switched to safer materials this summer.  The website also noted the modified product will have a note on the packaging saying PVC-free.  Well, I remembered mine did not have that so today I checked out the Boon section and there was the new product with the BPA-free label.  In addition, I could tell it was different than my previous purchase because the spoon section was a more cloudy plastic.  I spoke with a manager at the store and she said if I brought in my chemical-laden squirt she would gladly switch it out for the safer, newer version.  I was very grateful for Baby’s R Us offering to do that for me. 





 Jack enjoyed all of his new bath and play toys!  His favorite is the bath count & Spell alphabets.  He liked chewing on the soft foam and sucking the bath water off of them!

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Greener Future Fridays: Shopping for Safe Bath Toys!

Today I am going shopping for some fun bath toys for Jack!  He is now sitting up in the bath and having a great time splashing around.  I think bath time would be a delight with some fun, colorful toys.  So what do I buy?  I find it sad that I have to do so much research to find safe bath toys.  It is quite a shame that our country will allow baby products in our stores such as bath toys, teether’s, bottles, utensils and more loaded with harmful, cancer-causing chemicals!  Why is it that money has to be the driver of everything we do in our country?  If people in our country thought more of the health and well being of our children (and adults too) this would never be a problem. 


Some of the major dangerous chemicals found in baby products include BPA, PVC, and phthalates.  These chemicals can be found in bottles, sippy cups, water bottles, dishes and utensils, bibs, teethers, bath toys and other plastic toys.  I’m sure there are more items out there that I’m not even aware of yet (I’m sure I will dig up more in the future).  Here’s a quick brake down on why these chemicals are harmful.  For more information visit some of my favorite resources:  the soft landing, zrecs, and safbaby.


BPA (Bisphenol-A) – has been in the news lately in regards to baby bottles.  It’s great that information is seeping out to the public; I hope it continues and gains momentum.  BPA is a harmful chemical in polycarbonate plastics such as baby bottles (often recycle #7).  When the plastic becomes worn it can leach out.  This also affects products such as toys or anything babies put into their mouths (which is everything!). BPA is a hormone disruptor.  It has been linked to breast and prostate cancer, diabetes, and other health problems.  You can read more about it’s dangers here.  


PVC – is an extremely dangerous chemical (knows as vinyl) to both humans and the environment.  It releases dioxins, long recognized as a carcinogen.  They are found in plastic baby products and recognized as recycle #3.  Find more information here and here and here 


Phthalates – one of the most prevalent types is DEHP.  They are found added to many plastics including food packaging, toys, cosmetics, clothing and more.  Phthalates are endocrine disruptors which can also cause permanent birth defects.  They have also been linked to liver, kidney and lung damage.  Learn more about phthalates here and here.


All three of these chemicals are not only dangerous to humans but they are very hazardous to the environment and other animals.  They leach dangerous chemicals into our ground water and the plastics in landfills release dangerous gases into our air.  Some more food for thought – all three of these are banned in many European countries, but not in our money hungry country.  Armed with all of my printed off notes, resources, and Jack, I’m off to the store!

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