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Fun, Family News for Christmas

First of all, Merry Christmas to everyone.  I just love the holiday season!  We have been listening to Christmas music, watching Christmas shows, cut down a Christmas Tree, put up Christmas lights, made a gingerbread house (cake house as Jack calls it), and of course Christmas cookies!  I hope you have been enjoying the season as much as our family!  Some of you may already know, as I am a little behind in posting our exciting news, but the Prenger Family is expecting our second baby in early April.  I’m about 6 months now.  We are anticipating with excitement our new arrival!  You also may have noticed I took a several month break from blogging.  The hiatus was in part due to me working extra hours for 8 weeks, filling in for a local chiropractor who had 2 surgeries this summer.  Also contributing was the fact that the early months of this pregnancy I was really sick and nauseous 24/7, much more so than my pregnancy with Jack.

A comparison of my pregnancy’s so far: I made a nifty chart on my mac and it would not transfer to wordpress without wacky format (frustration!) so here’s the info anyway.

Pregnancy 1: Strong smells were noticed, a little nauseous between meals, didn’t mind cooking, diaper/potty changing – N/A, no cravings, food aversion was garlic, no weird habits, fatigue for 1 week very early, nausea lasted week 7-20.

Pregnancy 2: Strong smells = sick, between meals = sick, changing diaper/potty = sick, cooking = sick, cravings are random, I see or hear something then have to have it.  Lately it has been cereal (which I never buy) and oranges.  Aversions were random and changing early, none as of lately, fatigue was extreme for first trimester, extreme sickness lasted week 5-14, mild for a few weeks after that and rare now.  Oh, and my weird habit, spitting (see below for details).

On the spitting topic, yes, so weird and annoying!  Early in the pregnancy I felt like I was making a ton of saliva and swallowing it made me sick (of course).  I did read that I’m not alone and it is something many pregnant women experience.  I had to carry around what Greg called my “spitter”, a bottle or cup.  I had one in my purse, car, every room in the house!  Yes it is comical (and a bit embarrassing when in public but I had to do it, HAD TO!) and Greg throughly enjoyed teasing about my new habit.  Well, not really a habit but a necessity.   Fortunately the spitting has passed.  I was not very good at managing the sickness.  I did try not to eat large meals, but didn’t do a good job of bringing snacks with me at work and when I was out.  Partly due to extreme fatigue and chaotic work schedule, needing to get Jack and the house ready for family members who watched him, taking him to relatives houses ect. while I was working extra shifts.  And partly because not many foods sounded appealing to me.  When I did bring a snack it seemed to help but I also felt like I was eating non-stop and I just couldn’t eat that often, comfortably, even if it was small snacks/meals.  I did make some pregnancy tea which seemed to help a bit.  I’m not crazy about the flavor but I forced it down to help muffle the sickness.

Pregnancy Tea from CHOICE

Red Raspberry Leaf

Nettle Leaf

Passion Flower



Add a handful to hot water in a mason jar.  Let sit (longer the stronger and more beneficial).  I usually let it sit overnight.  Then strain and either re-heat or chill (my choice) and enjoy (or force down).  It isn’t all that bad, I’m just not a big tea person unless it’s really fruity or mild,  I am trying to be though

What do you do for nausea during pregnancy?  Was it challenging for you as well?  Any tips?  Anything you swear by?  Please leave a comment!


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Pregnancy Month 5: Finally a Baby Bump!… and the BIG Move!

(09/2007) 20 wks

(09/2007) 20 wks

During my 5th Month of Pregnancy I was excited to finally be showing a little baby bump!  I was glad to be slowly moving beyond that weird stage where you just feel fat and not pregnant.  I felt like everyone walking by me just thought I was packing on some extra pounds but it was finally becoming obvious that those were baby pounds!   Baby “J” continued moving and kicking more often and the nausea was finally subsiding!  That was a huge relief.  While I never actually threw up, I felt like it all the time and sometimes I wished I could have just thrown up to feel better.  So I was so grateful when the queasiness was gone!


Also toward the end of my 5th month, September 2007 we made the big move to Ohio.  At this point we had been in Florida for 3 years.  3 Years of Chiropractic school (3.5 by graduation), 3 Years of sun, warm winters, beaches, ocean, palm trees, yummy, local pineapple-oranges and fresh seafood…. AND 3 years of hot, hot, hot summers, really the never-ending summer, sweating just walking to the car, homework, termites, fire aunts, hurricanes, motorcycles, rednecks, NASCAR racing, and 15 hour long drives to see family.  Being September, months into the hot 90+ degree weather and no break in sight, it was the perfect time to move back to Ohio, just in time for fall.  I love summer and I love warm, but I hate Hot!  I had also missed the fall so I was looking forward to colorful leaves, pumpkin patches and corn mazes!  Although we were moving back to Ohio, our school wasn’t finished.  We had the option to do our last quarter as an externship at the location of our choice.  Greg and I chose to move back to Columbus where we planed to eventually open our own chiropractic office.  Also, we were glad to be closer to family with our baby on the way.  We rented an ABF moving truck for the move.  That worked great because it was affordable and they drive the truck for you, we just had to pack it.  Greg did most of the loading; he didn’t want me lifting heavy objects, although I thought I was more than capable.  I guess it was safer that way with the baby and hot temperatures.  We arrived in Ohio and started our externships a few days later!

Moving Day

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Pregnancy – Month 4

We Have Movement!

Recapping my experience during month 4 of pregnancy with Jack (08/07), it was a great month!  One of my favorites happened… I had been waiting and waiting and waiting to feel this baby, and finally during week 16/17 I felt a little something.  Many moms have different descriptions for this event, but for me the first kicking felt like bubbles popping in my belly.  I was lying on my back on the couch when I noticed this sensation.  I think it had been there for a few days, maybe longer but it didn’t register what exactly it was until later.  I realized it was recurring and it wasn’t my stomach growling from hunger or complaining from eating too many beans!  It was my baby!  Baby “J” as we called our little growing wonder whom we were not finding the gender of until D-day (or maybe I should say B-day!)  “J” was for Jack or Julianna.  About 1 week later Greg felt baby “J” for the first time too!  This was super cool for me because the whole pregnancy thing was still very surreal to me at this point.  I knew I was pregnant and I had some nausea but I couldn’t see the baby, couldn’t feel the baby, it was just hard to believe I actually had a baby growing in my belly some days.  Maybe that sounds crazy, I don’t know.  But I was floured when I could finally feel baby “J”.


Can You See My Bump Yet??

Not quite yet.  Towards the end of month 4 I could start to feel my pants getting tighter in some areas but I think I’m the only one who noticed that.  I was waiting and hoping every day that soon I would be able to see my baby belly growing! 


Palmer Friends, Packing, Nausea, & Food Aversions!

Early in month 4, August, We felt at this point the pregnancy was healthy and progressing without worry of miscarriage or complication so we decided to spill the beans to our classmates at Palmer in Florida.  A few close friends had already guessed what was going on a few weeks before.  Our classmates and friends gave us warm congratulations.  It was nice now that everyone knew; we weren’t keeping our happy news a secret any longer.  At this time we were planning our move back to Columbus, Ohio, only one month away.  I was excited to be closer to family and friends, especially during this special time in our lives.  Also, for a morning sickness update – the nausea was still there.  I read that for most moms this ends after 3 months so I didn’t know what the deal was but it sure was hanging in there.  I also had a new food aversion – Garlic!  After making some garlic mashed potatoes with A Lot too much garlic, I couldn’t stand garlic on anything for the rest of the pregnancy!  No cravings though.  But Greg sure was hoping I would develop an Ice-cream craving… sorry to disappoint him.

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